“Literally earthquakes everyday”- Fans react to Ryan Garcia’s June 6 Earthquake prediction coming true

Ryan Garcia has yet again predicted an event after the June 6 earthquake, but fans remain unimpressed.

“Literally earthquakes everyday”- Fans react to Ryan Garcia’s June 6 Earthquake prediction coming true

Ryan Garcia (Via IMAGO)

A clip from an interview from two months ago where Ryan Garcia had a conversation with Patrick Bet-David has quickly become the subject of conversation. In the interview, the young boxer predicted an earthquake in Las Vegas, California, on June 6. Surprisingly, Garcia’s prediction came true: a 3.6-magnitude earthquake struck the Newport Beach area.

The young fighter, currently one of the sport’s leading stars, is deeply embroiled in a doping scandal. On April 20, he achieved an incredible win against Devin Haney. Soon after, failed drug tests have put him in a difficult situation. Before this, Garcia had a sphere of erratic tweets on social media where he spoke about several topics. However, even after the fight, Garcia maintained his stance in his comments.

When a earthquake happens tmmr in La and Vegas I don’t want to hear anyone speak THE LORD JESUS CHRIST IS THE KING OF KINGS.

Ryan Garcia via X

Garcia predicted the earthquake during the promotion of his fight. Hence, people assumed all of this was a promotional gimmick. Nevertheless, even after the fight, Garcia maintained his stance on certain matters during an interview on the PBD Podcast.

As such, Garcia has remained vocal about his prediction for two months and even reminded his fans about it a day before the earthquake. This is not the first time Ryan Garcia has predicted such an event. His accuracy in the prediction remains a constant topic of discussion on social media.

Fans react to Ryan Garcia’s prediction on Earthquakes

During the buildup to the Haney fight, people questioned Garcia’s mental health because of his comments. However, most of his comments are coming true, which has caused the boxing world to focus on it even more. Furthermore, before all of this, Garcia had made a prediction regarding the Baltimore Bridge disaster.

ryan garcia Earthquake
Ryan Garcia (image credit- Kevin Lole)

Subsequently, people did not seem convinced, even after his earthquake prediction had come true. Based on the comments, many fans from LA seized the chance to provide some factual feedback. One user commented, “There are literally earthquakes everyday in cali. Is this mf stupid or what?” Check out some of the fan reactions:

Fans were not impressed at all, despite this being the second thing that Garcia had predicted. As such, they remarked that it is a normal occurrence to have earthquakes in this particular region. However, some fans were impressed by his prediction.

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