Fans to be allowed into stadiums after December 2 as lockdown comes to an end in the UK

While not perfect as having fullout stadiums to cheer the players, this is something that players will strive towards and the presence of fans will allow for them to raise their performances.

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While it will take time to witness scenes like this again, something is better than nothing in this season

Football clubs all over the country will rejoice as fans will be allowed into stadiums as per new rules. Premier League clubs like Southampton and Brighton are likely to benefit while clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United will still suffer from the same.

Depends on which tier the club belongs

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yesterday that a maximum of 4000 fans will be allowed into stadiums. This depends on if the place where the club belongs to has relatively lower cases than others. Premier League clubs have been divided by tiers and it is expected that Brighton and Southampton will benefit most.

Tier 1 contains clubs which are in the least infected areas and Tier 2 contains clubs that are in places which are more affected than Tier 1. Tier 3 contains clubs that won’t have any fans allowed in their stadiums. Premier League clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United are expected to be placed in that tier after Boris Johnson placed Liverpool in Tier 3 of lockdown.

Fans aren’t allowed to sing, drink or shout and are expected to wear their masks on at all time. This technically defeats the whole purpose of having fans in the stadiums. Nevertheless, it has to be seen how fans enter stadiums and how they behave. Tickets will be distributed as per the club’s discretion.

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