“It couldn’t get any worse than that’- Fans go wild as AEW finally airs unseen video of CM Punk’s backstage brawl with Jack Perry

CM Punk's infamous brawl with Jack Perry led to his departure from AEW.

“It couldn’t get any worse than that’- Fans go wild as AEW finally airs unseen video of CM Punk’s backstage brawl with Jack Perry

CM Punk and Jack Perry (via AEW and @grizz1126/X)

Last night’s AEW Dynamite delivered as promised. The Young Bucks were advertised to show the All In backstage scuffle involving CM Punk and Jack Perry. While many thought this was a ploy for something else, it didn’t turn out that way. Ahead of their upcoming match at Dynasty, the EVPs displayed the infamous brawl on live television.


The Wembley security footage showed Punk confronting Perry following the latter’s match. Moments before, the Scapegoat took a shot at The Second City, using real glass despite being advised not to. Obviously, this instigated the Chicago native, who was visibly in an agitated mood. After a back-and-forth discussion, the former World Champion locked Jack Perry in a chokehold. The likes of Samoa Joe and Chris Hero immediately came in to break up the fight.

Further, CM Punk lashed out at Tony Khan, who was sitting close to where the incident happened. According to The Young Bucks, the controversy distracted them and, subsequently, cost them their match against FTR. Evidently, the footage was an angle used to build the upcoming match at Dynasty. The two teams will square off to determine the new Tag Team Champions.

In addition to that, it could lead to Perry joining the newly formed Elite. For weeks, The Young Bucks have referenced the former FTW Champion on television. However, fans online expressed their disappointment, with many not understanding the motive behind showing the footage.


Fans in shock after AEW releases footage of CM Punk choking Jack Perry at All In

As expected, fans were quick to voice their opinions on the footage. A fan’s clip from the arena showed that the live crowd was cheering for The Best in the World. Therefore, the majority of the wrestling community believed that AEW didn’t achieve anything by trying to respond to CM Punk’s comments.

CM Punk and Jack Perry
CM Punk and Jack Perry [via- Wrestle Ops on X]

A fan took a shot at Tony Khan, making fun of how the owner thought his “life was in danger.” A few users were proud of how The Second City Saint handled the matter. Meanwhile, one fan claimed this was the reason why veteran commentator, Tony Schiavone, looked embarrassed during the segment. 

Some fans hilariously wrote that the footage made Punk look strong and made him more popular. Hours after releasing the backstage clip, AEW began to copyright strike accounts sharing the same. Needless to say, the decision to view the brawl on Dynamite has most likely backfired.

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