“Why does he look 60”- Fans go wild as Wayne Rooney gets spotted at WWE Live Show in London with his family 

Wazza attended a WWE event for the first time since slapping Wade Barrett during an episode of Raw in 2015.

“Why does he look 60”- Fans go wild as Wayne Rooney gets spotted at WWE Live Show in London with his family 

Wayne Rooney spotted at WWE live event (via Wrestle Ops and WrestlePurists on X)

WWE concluded its week-long tour of the United Kingdom on Friday. On the April 19 house show in London, a famous Englishman graced the WWE Universe with his presence. That special guest was none other than Manchester United legend, Wayne Rooney.


Wazza was in attendance for the live event alongside his wife and children. The Rooney family sat in the front row as stars like Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso competed in the ring. As a matter of fact, this wasn’t the first time the five-time Premier League winner showed up at a WWE event. In 2015, during a Raw episode, Rooney famously interacted with Wade Barrett, who insulted the striker.

For his troubles, the former Nexus leader ended up receiving a slap from Wayne Rooney. The latter was once again confronted by another WWE Superstar, Drew McIntyre. Prior to his match against Jey, the two-time WWE Champion had some words to say about Rooney. 

While he showed his respect for the football legend, McIntyre took a dig at Wazza’s look, citing that they were both of the same age. After a stellar football career, Rooney transitioned into a managerial role in 2020. However, he’s currently a free agent on the market after being sacked by Birmingham City in January.


WWE Universe reacts to Wayne Rooney’s appearance at house show

Needless to say, fans were surprised to see Wazza in attendance at a WWE house show. As such, they expressed their reactions on social media. Evidently, the majority of the comments were about Wayne Rooney’s looks. One fan asked why he looked like he was 60 years old. Meanwhile, another user claimed that he looked the same age as another Manchester United legend, Roy Keane.

Wayne Rooney slapping Wade Barrett
Wayne Rooney slapping Wade Barrett (via WWE)

Some fans acknowledged Rooney’s status as one of the legends of the game. Meanwhile, a few members of the WWE Universe recalled his infamous segment with Wade Barrett. In fact, one fan suggested a possible rivalry between Rooney and Barrett. 

Furthermore, a user pointed out how his wife, Coleen Rooney, didn’t look pleased to be in attendance for the show. Another fan took a shot at the former striker’s underwhelming managerial career. Taking McIntyre’s promo into consideration, a user suggested that Rooney should’ve slapped the Scot as well.

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