“Bottle Job FC is Back” – Mesut Ozil’s HILARIOUS tweet to banter Tottenham leaves internet in stitches

Former Arsenal player Mesut Ozil trolled Tottenham Hotspur on Twitter.

“Bottle Job FC is Back” – Mesut Ozil’s HILARIOUS tweet to banter Tottenham leaves internet in stitches

Mesut Ozil and Ange Postecoglou. (Image via GOAL & ESPNFC)

Former Arsenal and Germany midfielder Mesut Ozil proved that there is no love lost between Arsenal and their North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur. The former midfielder has fans on Twitter sharing a good laugh after he mercilessly trolled Spurs for achieving a ‘unique record’ that no side would want to claim.

Who else should be able to break that record? 😬 Bottle Job FC is back 🫡
Ozil wrote on Twitter

Mesut Ozil signed for Arsenal in 2013 from Real Madrid for a then-club-record fee of €50 million. He scored 44 goals and set up another 79 assists during his time at the club. Even though controversy and internal conflict marred his time at Arsenal towards the end, the player is loved by fans to this day. His ‘hilarious’ tweet has only made him more of a favorite than he was during his time at the club.


His reaction came to a post which stated that Tottenham are the first side in history to achieve two ’embarrassing’ records. One, failing to win 5 back-to-back games after going 1-0 up, and two, losing 3 consecutive home games despite going 1-0 up.

The former Gunner showed no mercy to their rivals on social media, much to the delight of Arsenal fans. Ozil last played for İstanbul Başakşehir before announcing his retirement earlier this year.

Fans can’t stop laughing at Mesut Özil’s brutal troll aimed at Tottenham

Özil has enjoyed success against Tottenham Hotspur on the pitch. The German has scored once and assisted 4 times in 12 meetings. However, he has proven that he can ‘trouble’ Spurs well after his retirement as well. Fans on social media have reacted to the player’s cheeky reply to a post. His blatant labeling of Tottenham as ‘Bottle Job FC’ has elicited laughs while also calling for Tottenham outrage.

Mesut Ozil for Arsenal
Mesut Ozil for Arsenal (via GOAL)

An Arsenal fan said that once you’re a Gooner, you’re one for life. Pictures of the player pointing to the Arsenal badge were spammed in the comment section. Other instances of the player ‘trolling’ Tottenham fans were also shared by fans. However, rival fans did not forget Arsenal’s ‘monumental’ slip-up last season, where they ‘bottled’ the league after spending 94.6% of the season at the top.

Some were still in disbelief at the fact that it was Özil’s official account that had tweeted the same. A majority of the comments were aimed at Tottenham, where fans called Özil a legend for making this comment. Fans said that Tottenham got ‘cooked’ and ‘owned’ by King Mesut Özil. Some told Özil to ‘grow up’ and that this won’t give you game time. The player has now hung up his boots and is enjoying his retirement.

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