Premier League: Top 10 teams that have scored most goals in the English Premier League

As it is certain that goals win you games, let us look at which teams have scored the highest goals in the Premier League till date.

The Premier League, since its inception, has been a regular roller coaster and has seen a plethora of goals during the time. The unpredictability of the Premier League makes it special, as teams like Blackburn and Leicester go on to win the league, or teams like Aston Villa and Stoke City put 7 and 5 goals respectively, into the Liverpool net.

The Premier League has seen some Champions being ruthless in front of the goal, like Chelsea in 2009/10 and Manchester City in 2017/18. On the other hand, Brentford, who are playing their first ever Premier League season, are the last in the list with just 8 goals. While Manchester United remain the most successful team in terms of wins, Chelsea moved to second in that list just few days back. But where do they stand in terms of goals scored?  

On that note, let us look at the teams that have scored the highest number of goals in the English Premier League.

10. West Ham United – 1,188 goals

West Ham currently are giantkillers and have recently performed really well in the Premier League. However, it would come as a shock to see them in this list, as they have spent quite some time in the second division also. But their record tell that they have been a free scoring team, and this fact might have helped them from getting the drop.

9. Aston Villa – 1,222 goals

Similar to West Ham, Aston Villa have not been involved in the top flight for a lot of seasons too, as they recently got promoted in the 2019/20 season. While most of their goals have come fighting for survival in the recent times, their rich history in the league ensures that they have to be on this list.

8. Newcastle United – 1,340 goals

Prior to the 2015/16 season, Newcastle were Premier League regulars and were a constant threat to the traditional ‘big four’. However, thanks to the legendary spells from Andrew Cole and Alan Shearer, Newcastle finds themselves on this list. Their best ever campaign came in 1993/94 when they scored 82 goals.

7. Everton – 1,460 goals

It is not a surprise as Everton make their place in this list, that too comfortably. The blue half of Merseyside have always been in the Premier League, ever since it was established, and had made their impact as the ‘fifth’ after the big four, in the previous decade. Although they have struggled lately, their exciting football back in the day resulted in a lot of goals.

6. Manchester City – 1,571 goals

It might seem as a shocker to many as Manchester City are only sixth in the list, but it is also justified as they struggled in the pre-takeover era. However, thanks to Pep Guardiola’s demolishing style of play, Manchester City have climbed their way up the ladder in a significantly short time. They hold the record of highest goals in one campaign with 106 goals.

5. Tottenham Hotspur – 1,680 goals

If one considers the no. of goals Spurs has netted since the Premier League began, one would be perplexed why they have yet to win the title. On the positive side, they’ve had the opportunity to see some of the best attackers in the world, like Jurgen Klinsmann and Harry Kane, play for their team who have contributed to many of the goals.

4. Chelsea – 1,909 goals

Chelsea have scored a humungous number of goals considering they bloomed later than many top teams. Their run under Ancelotti got most of the goals for them, but since their shift towards defensive minded managers, the number has gone up but in a slow way. Winning the second most number of titles after United, Chelsea have given some beautiful moments in the EPL.

3. Liverpool – 1,942 goals

Without any doubt, Liverpool have been the most free scoring Premier League team ever as they used to bother little about the defense and go full attacking way. However, their exciting football can only push them to third as few off seasons in the late-2000s and early-2010s, when they struggled, cost them places in this list.

2. Arsenal – 1,961 goals

Arsenal may not have contended for the Premier League in past few seasons, but they have been one of the better sides in the competitions throughout much of the league’s history. Indeed, they have won the Premier League three times, therefore they more than deserve to be ranked second on the list of all-time goal scorers.

1. Manchester United – 2,141 goals

There could be only one team on top of this list and it is that team, Manchester United. With 13 Premier League titles, Manchester United remain the only club to get past the 2000 goal mark which also makes it nearly impossible for other teams to catch them at the top. Despite having a bad phase in the previous decade, United look to be back amongst the contenders.

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