“Fans are not like cows who you milk”: Bayern Munich president questions the absurdly high ticket prices of English Premier League

The average ticket prices of Premier League matches are a lot higher than that of the Other Leagues across the globe.

Premier League

FC Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness has taken a dig at the English Premier League with his recent statement about ticket prices. Hoeness questioned the highly absurd ticket prices of football matches that are prevalent in England and explained why they will never do something like that at Bayern Munich. With this, the former West Germany international has raised a very serious question. Do the modern day clubs even think about their fans anymore?

What has been said

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Bayern Munich president, Uli Hoeness

Speaking on the high season ticket prices of the English clubs and comparing it to their own, Uli Hoeness said, “We could charge more than £104. Let’s say we charged £300. We’d get £2m more in income, but what’s £2m to us?”

“In a transfer discussion you argue about that sum for five minutes. But the difference between £104 and £300 is huge for the fan. We do not think the fans are like cows, who you milk,” the 69-year old continued. 

“Football has got to be for everybody. That’s the biggest difference between us and England.”

But how much more are the season ticket prices compared to that of the other top-5 leagues? Let’s have a look. 

Season Ticket Prices of Premier League teams (2021-22)

  • West Ham – £320
  • Manchester City – £325
  • Leeds United – £349
  • Leicester City – £365
  • Aston Villa – £370
  • Burnley – £390
  • Southampton – £399
  • Newcastle United – £417
  • Brentford – £419
  • Everton – £420
  • Crystal Palace – £435
  • Watford – £496
  • Norwich City – £499
  • Manchester United – £532
  • Brighton – £545
  • Wolves – £549
  • Chelsea – £595
  • Liverpool – £685
  • Tottenham – £807
  • Arsenal – £891

Let’s now compare this to the ticket prices from the other leagues across the globe. 

League Most Expensive Ticket, £Cheapest season ticket, £Most expensive match-day ticket, £Cheapest match-day ticket, £
La Liga800.73232.80121.87
Serie A1654.78164.8993.2014.15
Premier League865.42467.9557.9528.30
Average ticket prices across the Top-4 leagues of Europe

What we can learn from the stats above is that although the Most expensive ticket prices can be insane in almost all the leagues, the average ticket prices or the cheapest ticket prices (the one which concerns the normal audience) are much higher in the Premier League than in the other leagues.

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