The Filip Kostic saga: The most bizarre transfer window incident

It was earlier reported that Frankfurt deliberately gave Lazio a wrong email address, which led to the failure of the transfer.

Filip Kostic

The failed transfer of Filip Kostic from Eintracht Frankfurt to Lazio has to be one of the most bizarre and uncommon transfer window incidents. Lazio were interested in the Serbian striker and wanted him to replace Joaquin Correa who left for Inter. Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio earlier reported that Frankfurt used a “crafty” method to block the transfer and they deliberately gave Lazio a wrong email address which resulted in the failure of the move and Frankfurt in turn told Kostic that a deal never arrived.

What actually happened with the Kostic offer?

Lazio prepared an offer for the Serb and sent the official bid to a wrong email address. According to Goal, it was a language-based problem that occurred. Frankfurt have claimed that it was the Italian team that missed the letter ‘k’ in the official email address. Lazio apparently offered the bid to ‘’, whereas the official address was ‘’. But it was actually a language problem as the Italian alphabet does not consist of a letter ‘k’ in it, and due to which, Lazio could never send an official bid.

Regarding the failed transfer, Lazio director Igli Tare said that they have moved on from the saga and stated that, “I don’t want to say anything about that. There is no point in talking about it anymore. We would have liked to sign Filip Kostic.”

What now for Filip Kostic?

When Kostic came to know about the incident, it left him furious, and he decided to go on strike by not training with the team and skipping the Bielefield match. But the situation has calmed and he has been forgiven by his teammates and his coach, Goal reported.

The 28-year-old attacker has two years left in his current contract, and as he could not get his move out of Germany, he would now look to add to his tally of 26 goals and 48 assists for Frankfurt.

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