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“So that i can walk”- Mikel Arteta claims he will be unable to sit still while watching Arsenal take on Manchester City

Manager Mikel Arteta rightly predicted that the clash between Arsenal and Manchester City would be a thrilling encounter.

Mikel Arteta

Tonight’s clash between Manchester City and Arsenal FC ended in a thrilling 2-1 victory for the Cityzens as Mikel Arteta and his men were left heartbroken at their home ground despite a sensational performance. 

The Gunners were undoubtedly the better side on the pitch tonight but a number of controversial decisions by the referee turned things against them and they could not hold to their early lead. 

However, now that the match is over, a comment of Mikel Arteta from the pre-match conference has resurfaced and it turns out that the Arsenal boss had made a perfect prediction. The Spaniard will have to watch the match at home after testing positive for COVID-19. 

What Mikel Arteta had said

Arsenal defenders taking on Ruben Dias during tonight’s match.

Mikel Arteta had said that the match between Arsenal and Manchester City will be an extremely thrilling one and that he will not be able to ‘sit down’ for the entire length because of how intense it would be. 

“I’ve never experienced what I’m going to experience tomorrow, but it is what it is,” Mikel Arteta said. 

“It’s a different experience, but we have to adapt to it and we’ve tried to do it in the best possible way to get prepared for tomorrow.”

“It’s going to be very strange and I will need a big room so that I can walk and move a little bit because I won’t be able to sit on my sofa!”

“It’s a big, big game for us and it’s a really frustrating thing not to be able to be there helping the team, but I will do my best from here with everything that I can do and we have prepared for every scenario possible,” the Arsenal manager added. 

“We know what we have to do and then it will be down to the players to execute that as much as possible tomorrow,” he concluded. 

Before meeting Manchester City, Arsenal were unbeaten for the last 4 matches. The Gunners are in such brilliant form that they would have almost defeated Pep’s men had it not been for the controversial penalty that was awarded to City and Gabriel’s red card. 

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