Aaron Ramsdale sympathizes with Harry Maguire, claims Maguire is ‘one of the best defenders’ of England

Aaron Ramsdale comes in support of Harry Maguire after the defender conceded an own goal against arch-rival Scotland.

Aaron Ramsdale sympathizes with Harry Maguire, claims Maguire is ‘one of the best defenders’ of England

Harry Maguire, Aaron Ramsdale (Source: via MB Media and Reuters)

Aaron Ramsdale has stated that he sympathizes with his English compatriot Harry Maguire after the defender was responsible for an own goal after being subbed on at half-time. At the moment, nothing seems to be going well for Harry Maguire. The player has been heavily criticized for his performances in a Manchester United kit.


Now the criticism has reached him in an England jersey as well. Fans and pundits alike have come out to say that Harry Maguire should not be part of the England squad. It is because the player has not performed well enough at club level to warrant an England call-up.

Maguire has struggled for minutes at Manchester United after Erik Ten Hag placed the defender as the fourth-choice center back this season. After England’s 3-1 victory over Scotland, English goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has come out to defend the player’s performance.

Stating that he sympathizes with the player, Ramsdale said “When you’re under the microscope, every little detail is analyzed”. He would then go on to compliment Maguire, stating that “Harry Maguire, as we’ve seen in the past few years with England, is one of the best defenders we’ve got”.


Gareth Southgate, England manager, also came out in support of the player, stating that he was livid with the reactions towards the English player. Harry Maguire may soon start for Manchester United, as the club is currently in crisis with many of their defenders injured this season. The player will be hoping to put on performances that will warrant a trip to the Euros.

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Lookback at Harry Maguire’s rough time at Manchester

Harry Maguire used to Manchester United Captain
Harry Maguire used to Manchester United Captain (Source: via AFP)

Judging by what fans and pundits say about the player, people forget that at one point he was one of Manchester United’s best players. Fans saw him as a leader in the back who was reliable in the air. He was a regular England starter and Manchester United captain. The England call-up debate was a non-issue.

However, as time went on, Manchester United’s tactics changed, and Harry Maguire was unable to cope. Man Utd used to play in a low block, which was ideal for a player of Maguire’s capabilities. Erik Ten Hag’s arrival meant the player no longer came close to being in the team, with Luke Shaw being preferred as center-back over the Englishman.


After managing only 760 minutes in the Premier League last season, fans began wondering if this was the end of his Manchester United career. Rejecting West Ham United in the summer transfer window, it seems that Harry Maguire will most likely run down his Manchester United contract, which ends in 2025.

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