“An admitted r*pist”- Moroccan model levels serious rape allegations on Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey on Twitter

Thomas Partey's ex-girlfriend accuses him of rape.

Thomas Partey and Sara Bella

According to the alarming allegation, Partey was excused from Arsenal’s preseason schedule in Germany because he was attending to personal matters.

According to reports, his Moroccan girlfriend Sara Bella, 29, was falsely accusing the 29-year-old Ghanaian footballer of rape. Sara Bella, Partey’s Moroccan girlfriend, allegedly accused the Arsenal player of rape after he declined to accompany her down the aisle.

The Arsenal star eventually rejoined his colleagues in Germany for Arsenal’s preseason once the rumors subsided. However, after being called out on Twitter on Thursday, July 28 in relation to new rape claims, Partey has once more been active on social media.

In a string of tweets, an unknown woman going by the Twitter handle @deffonotchaur appears to have called the Arsenal midfielder out by posting images of their private conversations with the claimed victim. Thomas Partey reportedly attempted to have oral s*x with her while she was asleep. A strange gesture that she undoubtedly found offensive.

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Thomas Partey alleged of rape by ex-girlfriend:

Sara Bella and Thomas Partey - FirstSportz
Thomas Partey and Sara Bella

She alleged, “He sexually assaulted me, left me comatose in bed, went out to party in Ibiza, came back, laughed in my face, and said I don’t get to say no to him.”

The woman said that she was dating Thomas Partey and that they had already met before the alleged event in Ibiza. Additionally, the woman posts snippets from their interactions as well as screen capture of her discussions with the Ghanaian singer on her Snapchat and WhatsApp.

When the woman was asked to confirm her relationship with the Arsenal player, more screen recordings of their conversation showed that she did in fact have a relationship with Partey.

Additionally, @deffonotchaur shared screen recordings of her conversations with Partey on his official Snapchat account. To support her assertions, the woman persisted in posting screenshots of her conversations with the Ghanaian.

The woman claims that she attempted to make up with Partey right away after the incident occurred when they were dating, thinking that the Arsenal midfielder had only made a mistake.

She further said that because her buddy was traveling with her, she immediately alerted her about the situation. She claims that after texting the Arsenal player while he was out partying, he didn’t react and sought to end the discussion.

The woman goes on to say that the event occurred months ago, proving that she was also paid off to keep quiet about what she experienced. She ultimately admits that the actual reason she is speaking up is because, despite being paid off, the police she reported the situation to months ago have not yet given her justice.

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