Arsenal legend Thierry Henry shows off his cheeky dancing moves during a pool party

Thierry Henry's recent video has been making the rounds on the internet, where he was seen in a vibrant mood.

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry shows off his cheeky dancing moves during a pool party

Thierry Henry enjoying his vacation

Thierry Henry was recently captured having fun and dancing joyfully at Tony Parker’s party. He was seen rocking his shorts and a black t-shirt while having fun with friends. Henry was seen dancing in a vibrant mood, and his dancing moves have captured the attention of the fans.

Like players, even pundits deserve rest and a holiday after entertaining the fans all season. Henry, however, seems to be doing it naturally while also partying. His moves look straight out of a samba song. The video has been making the rounds on the internet, leaving fans in awe.


Thierry Henry, known for his unbiased charisma, seems like everyone’s favorite dance partner. He certainly was the center of attraction at the party, as his moves caught the attention of social media, and the fans made it viral. Henry has been the life of the show at CBS with his on-camera chemistry with Micah Richards and Jimmie Carragher.

Henry was seen almost twerking, which was hard to miss if his jubilant yet respectable personality was considered. He was undoubtedly enjoying himself with those cheeky steps and momentous expressions.

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Thierry Henry’s legacy in England

Thierry Henry Arsenal
Thierry Henry in action for Arsenal (Source: Getty)

Henry moved to England, reuniting with his former manager, Arsene Wenger, at Arsenal after leaving Juventus. It was at Arsenal that Henry achieved legendary status, finishing his first-ever season in England with 26 goals. His second season proved to be more of a breakthrough.

His best performances came against rival Manchester United, and he finished as the club’s top scorer. The following year, he would go on to win the double with Arsenal, winning the league and the FA Cup. The team defeated London rivals Chelsea 2-0 and again being their top scorer.

The 02-03 season saw Arsenal fail to defend their league title, but they would go on to win the FA Cup. Henry finished the season with 32 goals and 23 assists, which is fantastic for a striker. His numbers helped him win the FWA Footballer of The Year and the PFA Player of The Year. Since Henry, only Lionel Messi has reached the feat of contributing 20 goals and 20 assists in the league in 2020 in a single season in Europe’s top 5 leagues.


The following season saw something truly magical happen, as the Gunners would become the first team in over a century to go unbeaten domestically in the league and win the Golden Premier League trophy. He repeated his individual achievements and formed formidable partnerships with Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Viera, and Robert Pires.

By the 2005-2006 season, he had already become one of the club’s captains and their all-time top scorer, etching his name in history and leaving behind a legacy for young Gunners to dream of and idolize.

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