Chelsea and Manchester City face Premier League RELEGATION THREAT in ongoing FFP probe

Everton's penalty ignited criticism over Chelsea and Manchester City's apparent immunity.

Chelsea and Manchester City face Premier League RELEGATION THREAT in ongoing FFP probe

(L-R) Manchester City, Chelsea. (Source: The New York Times)

Following Everton’s 10-point deduction, a former financial advisor for Manchester City suggests that if City and Chelsea get penalized for breaching Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, relegation could be a real risk. Manchester City is dealing with over 115 charges for breaking FFP regulations, while Chelsea’s issues are linked to their former owner, Roman Abramovich.


Stefan Borson, the lawyer who advised Manchester City, tweeted that Everton’s point deduction was too severe. He also suggested that if this punishment sets the standard for breaking financial rules, Manchester City and Chelsea could face relegation from the Premier League. Man City is facing 115 charges for breaking financial rules related to sponsors and contractors, while Chelsea is being investigated for offshore payments benefiting the club, especially in cases like Samuel Eto‘o and Willian‘s transfers.

Stefan Borson in his tweet further clarified, sharing his opinion on the matter that Chelsea only receiving a fine – considering their scale as a sporting sanction – as a cost of doing business should be under immediate reconsideration. He previously also spoke on Manchester City’s case back when the charges were initially brought up stating:

The sheer extent of the PL charges is at a level that IF found proven, must lead to relegation.

Although getting a financial advisor is recommended, the Premier League has the last word. Everton’s penalty has sparked backlash on social media, questioning why Chelsea and Manchester City, facing more serious accusations, haven’t been addressed by the Premier League yet.


Everton hit with major blow, 10 points deducted by Premier League over FFP violation

The heaviest points punishment in Premier League history, Everton has been handed a 10-point deduction following their violation of FFP regulations. The Toffees have now slumped to 19th position with just 4 points.

Everton fans in dismay
Everton fans in dismay (Source: via Sky Sports)

The commission responsible for the hearing has made it public that Everton’s price-to-sales ratio saw a loss of £124.5m which exceeded the threshold of £105m permitted by the Premier League. In response, Everton has already taken steps to appeal the said decision.

For now, the points deduction drops them straight to 19th place with 4 points. This means they are only two points away from escaping relegation as Luton Town sits in 17th place with six points.

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