“Incredible animals,” Chelsea’s Kai Havertz reacts after a donkey gets named after him amid Arsenal move rumors

Kai Havertz reportedly has a fondness for donkeys as he can relate them with himself for their calm nature.

“Incredible animals,” Chelsea’s Kai Havertz reacts after a donkey gets named after him amid Arsenal move rumors

Kai Havertz has a special place in his heart for Donkey. (credit: Daily Star)

German attacker Kai Havertz has responded after a donkey was named after him. He has often mentioned having a special spot in his heart for this animal as felt them to be incredibly calm. The German forward has been associated with a sanctuary for donkeys in England for quite some time now.


The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth has reportedly named a donkey foal after Havertz. As per the press release by the sanctuary, the player has reacted to this naming incident. Havertz reportedly said, “I have followed the work of The Donkey Sanctuary for some time so when they got in touch to say they’d like to name a foal after me, I was delighted.

The 24-year-old then concluded as he said, “Donkeys are such incredible animals, and I am very happy to give my name so this little donkey can help raise awareness of the importance of good donkey welfare, here and all around the world.”

The Donkey Sanctuary CEO Marianne Steele, has also issued a statement to thank Havertz for supporting the sanctuary’s decision of naming the foal after him. Steele said, “Kai has proved to be a real champion of donkeys in every sense of the word. We are so pleased to have the opportunity to name our new foal after him and hope he will continue to inspire people to think about donkeys differently.”


It is not the first time that Kai Havertz showed his love towards Donkeys. During an interview with Guardians, the player reportedly opened up about his love for the species. He said, “From day one, I felt a special relationship with donkeys. It’s a very calm animal, maybe I personalized myself in them because I’m calm too. They chill all day, don’t do much, just want to live their life. I loved them always. And when I lost, I would go to the sanctuary. You look at the animals and see something human in them. It was a kind of recovery, a place I felt peace.”

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Kai Havertz is on the verge of completing his to Arsenal

Kai Havertz to Arsenal
Kai Havertz (Image Via- footballextra.com)

Chelsea outbound star Kai Havertz is reportedly on the verge of completing his move to Arsenal as he decided to say put an end to his stay at the club. Havertz had been keen on parting ways with Chelsea following a pretty disastrous last season.

According to journalist Fabrizio Romano, Arsenal and Chelsea have reportedly reached an agreement of a £60m guaranteed fee. The deal would also have another £5m add-ons.


Romano has also reportedly stated that Kai Havertz has already completed the first part of the medical tests as a new Arsenal player. And now the player is just waiting for the contracts to be signed on the club side. The Deal with Chelsea is said to be completed by this week.

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