WATCH: Crowd in a nightclub humiliates Gerard Pique with roars of ‘Shakira-Shakira’ chants when he comes on stage

Gerard Pique was heckled with Shakira chants while addressing the crowd on stage.

WATCH: Crowd in a nightclub humiliates Gerard Pique with roars of ‘Shakira-Shakira’ chants when he comes on stage

Gerard Pique and Shakira (Credit: Getty)

Gerard Pique was hounded by Shakira fans at a nightclub. The former FC Barcelona defender went there after a major event in the Kings League. As he went up to the stage to address the huge crowd present there, he was greeted by numerous people chanting his ex-girlfriend Shakira’s name. This continued for some time until he could finally talk.

Gerard Pique and Shakira started dating in 2011 after they met in 2010 during the shooting of her music video ‘Waka Waka‘. Since then, they have had two kids, Milan and Sasha, and lived together in Barcelona. But in June 2022, they released a statement announcing their split to the public. Slowly, rumors started swirling around that Pique had cheated on her with a 22-year-old. This was confirmed by Shakira, and the girl was revealed to be his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti.


Shakira has rejuvenated her music career after the breakup. Although most of her songs are digs taken at her ex-boyfriend and Clara Chia. Some of these songs include ‘Monotonia’, Studio sessions with BZRP, and ‘Copa Vacia’- in which she implied that Gerard Pique was a rat. She has won numerous awards since the release of these songs and has become the Latin artist with the most hits on Spotify.

However, her influence still lives on in Barcelona, as her fanbase has not forgotten her. They have also not forgiven Pique for betraying her trust. In addition to all the heat, he and his girlfriend requested the DJ of the nightclub to not play Shakira’s hits. Further implying that they are still not on good terms, and neither are their fans.

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Gerard Pique gives love advice on stream

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique (Credit: MARCA)

The love lives of celebrities can indeed become much more complicated than they appear, as their relationships are often under the scrutiny of the public eye. Despite having their private space inside their homes, everyone seems to have an opinion about their affairs, including other celebrities.

Gerard Pique experienced a love scandal a few months ago when he and Shakira announced their separation after having an 11-year relationship and two children. Now, he has offered some love advice.

During a recent stream, Pique was requested to provide some love advice to the audience. In response, he told them that people should always make their partners feel loved. However, this advice was met with mixed reactions on social media, given the rumors of infidelity surrounding his previous relationship with Shakira.


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