Everything to know about a MLS rule due to which David Beckham’s Inter Miami will get £40,000 compensation from Gareth Bale’s transfer to LAFC

Gareth Bale's transfer to LAFC will allow David Beckham's Inter Miami FC a compensation of $40,000

Inter Miami, the club owned by David Beckham, will receive a £40,000 compensation payment as a result of Gareth Bale’s transfer to Los Angeles FC.

Bale, 32, has decided to leave Real Madrid at the end of the current campaign and sign with LAFC on a free transfer. The Wales captain’s potential return to British football with his local team Cardiff City has been mentioned.

However, he decided to stay in the warm state of California and signed a one-year contract with LAFC. Later this week, the MLS team is set to officially introduce Bale.

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Gareth Bale is the newest addition to the MLS starhood:

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Gareth Bale’s final game for Real Madrid

However, he took matters into his own hands-on Saturday, announcing the transfer with the comment “See you soon, Los Angeles” and a video of himself wearing a black LAFC cap.

According to recent reports, LAFC must pay Inter Miami £40,000 as compensation in order to get Bale removed from their “discovery list.” According to MLS regulations, teams are allowed to put up to seven players on their own “discovery list” who they are interested in signing but who are not currently under contract with MLS.

LAFC must now pay their MLS opponents a settlement fee to Inter Miami in order to get Bale removed because he is on their list. Even though Bale’s signing hasn’t been officially finalized, LAFC co-president John Thorrington has expressed his desire for the Wales international to sign a longer-term contract with the team.

Thorrington stated during a news conference on Sunday, “I’d love to delve into specifics but, as policy, I don’t. I can tell you that Gareth and LAFC hope this is the first step in a long-term relationship and collaboration for Gareth and his family.”

“It was never simply about the World Cup for six months. We frequently discussed issues that were longer-term than that. That was made very obvious by Gareth and his agent. Naturally, we anticipate that he will be a top-tier player for us and in this league, but we will proceed cautiously.”

“We are quite certain that LAFC will be Gareth’s first priority when he considers what he has to do, but we are also aware that he, like some of our other players, has the World Cup in sight.”

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