“I can donate my legs for this guy” – Fans DISHEARTENED over Chelsea skipper Reece James’ prolonged absence

Surgery was a collaborative decision involving both James and Chelsea staff.

“I can donate my legs for this guy” – Fans DISHEARTENED over Chelsea skipper Reece James’ prolonged absence

Chelsea captain Reece James is set to be out with an injury until April 2024. (Image via GOAL)

Chelsea captain, Reece James is expected to undergo vital surgery in Finland for a hamstring injury, that he sustained in the Blues’ 2-0 defeat to Everton, on the 10th of December. With reports of the English player facing a lengthy absence of 3-4 months, fans expressed their dismay and sent their hopes for his swift recuperation.


The Chelsea full-back, who is the club’s first-choice right-back has faced a challenging history with hamstring injuries throughout his career. There are chances that the player might miss out on participating in the 2024 UEFA European Championship, marking another significant international tournament absence after missing the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Reece James is set to undergo extensive surgery with Finnish medical experts, the same specialists who treated Ousmane Dembele.

After James returned in November, he took special training to avoid fitness issues but faced another problem. His hamstring issue affects both legs, increasing the risk of more injuries. This setback means he’ll be out until March. After the injury, he delayed surgery to get more expert advice in Finland from specialists Sakari Orava and Lasse Lempainen. Chelsea fans hope this surgery will help him recover better and for a longer time.

Chelsea fans showed dismay upon learning about the player’s extended absence, acknowledging that his missing presence in the team would adversely affect their performance. The former Premier League champions of 2017 have faced a setback in their quest for the title, finding themselves in the 10th spot on the league standings.


Netizens share mixed reactions over the news that Reece James will be out for 3 months

‘X’ users and Chelsea fans expressed frustration regarding Reece James’ injury, which will likely sideline him until March or April 2024. There are concerns that the English player might not participate in the 2024 European Championship in Germany.

Reece James
Reece James (via Telegraph UK)

Supporters reacted to the player’s absence from Chelsea. One fan backed the player’s choice of opting for extensive surgery, highlighting the inefficacy of temporary remedies. Most fans expressed sympathy for the player’s situation, hoping for a swift recovery.

One fan hilariously commented the player is as weak as paper, and that a major part of his career is plagued by injuries. Here are some of the fans’ reactions:

One fan amusingly offered to donate their legs to the Chelsea full-back, jokingly claiming theirs to be stronger than Reece James’. Many fans rallied around the player, providing him unwavering support through moments of such difficulty.


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