WATCH: “English blokes moving around, mimicking accents” – Fans SHOCKED as Eric Dier sports German ‘accent’ in Bayern Munich video following transfer

Fans teased Dier for accent, blamed him for bringing 'Spurs curse' at Bayern.

WATCH: “English blokes moving around, mimicking accents” – Fans SHOCKED as Eric Dier sports German ‘accent’ in Bayern Munich video following transfer

Eric Dier mimicking German Accent (Source: Screenshots from Bayern Munich's video)

From his rumored transfer to his new behavior, fans have constantly been shocked by the recent news surrounding English defender Eric Dier. He has recently signed from Tottenham Hotspur to German giants Bayern Munich and has been expected to play a significant defensive stabilization role in the young squad.


Upon his arrival in Munich, Dier was heard sporting an immediate shift in his English accent with some German dialects. This caught the attention of fans on social media, who drew comparisons to Steve McClaren’s infamous Dutch accent shift. In the short clip shared by Bayern Munich’s social media handles, Dier was asked about his conversation with a longtime friend, who he rejoins as a teammate, Harry Kane.

His response was more complex he answered with a mixed English-German accent, which sounded very different from his usual tone. However, this gesture could be respected by the German people, who will see this as an attempt to accept the culture and come across as more understanding to the German crowd.

Fans on social media pointed out that Dier has always had a distinctive accent due to his upbringing in Portugal. The 29-year-old player even used to converse with ex-manager Jose Mourinho in Portuguese. This showcases a strong command of different languages. As Dier settles into his new life following a £3.5 million move from London. Fans will look forward to his performances on the pitch and his humorous side.


Harry Kane opens up on Eric Dier’s move to Bayern Munich

Following Bayern Munich’s triumphant 3-0 victory over Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga. Star striker Harry Kane took a moment to share his thoughts on the team’s latest addition, Eric Dier. The duo, have previously played together at Tottenham Hotspur. They have rekindled their on-field partnership as Dier recently joined Bayern Munich from North London.

Eric Dier and Harry Kane
Eric Dier and Harry Kane. (Source: Evening Standard)

Kane expressed confidence in Dier’s abilities, emphasizing his familiarity with the defender’s skills. He also highlighted the positive impact he believes Dier can have on the team. Kane, who contributed to the victory with another goal, conveyed his happiness about Dier’s arrival. He expressed hope that the defender seamlessly integrates into the squad, emphasizing Dier’s positive character and commitment to the team.

I've known Eric for a long time, played with him for a long time, and I know what a great player he can be for us. He's obviously really happy and excited and we're happy to have him. hopefully he settles right in. He's a good guy, he'll get his head straight down and into the team.

While talking about Dier’s move, Kane shared updates on his life in Germany. He recently moved out of the hotel and bought a house, creating a stable routine. This brings a sense of permanence and comfort for him and his family. Kane is determined to make their new home special, signaling positive developments on and off the pitch in his Bayern Munich journey.

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