“KKK out here” — Chaos at Craven Cottage as Fulham fans struggle with flags, Twitter abuzz with ‘EXTREME’ comparisons

Fulham fans brought flags to the game against Liverpool, only to be laughed at for all the wrong reasons.

“KKK out here” — Chaos at Craven Cottage as Fulham fans struggle with flags, Twitter abuzz with ‘EXTREME’ comparisons

Fulham fans brought flags to the stadium that gave 'spooky' flashbacks to fans. (Via X/@StokeyyG2)

Fulham took on Liverpool at Craven Cottage on Thursday. The two sides fought a heavily contested battle in the semi-final of the EFL Cup as Liverpool edged the home side by a single goal. While the home fans attempted to ‘intimidate’ and create a feeling of power in the home stadium, their plan appears to have backfired. Pictures taken from the stand opposite those holding flags were posted on social media, with fans bringing in ‘extreme’ comparisons.


Liverpool managed to bypass Fulham in the semi-final of the Carabao Cup. Even though the scoreboard read 1-1 at full-time, a one-goal advantage secured in the first leg of the semi-final meant Liverpool progressed on aggregate. Luis Diaz scored Liverpool’s only goal of the game in the 11th minute from a solo effort, to say the least.

The Colombian controlled a long cross on his chest before cutting inside and placing the ball beyond the reach of Bernd Leno.

Fulham did strike back in the 76th minute, but it proved to be too little, too late. As Liverpool booked their spot in the final, fans were left in stitches after seeing images of a ‘poorly’ planned decision of bringing flags to the game.


Fans draw ‘extreme’ comparisons as Fulham fans make a fuss of flags

No one would have expected such a comparison when Fulham fans brought flags into the stadium. A photo taken from the opposite stand has drawn comparisons to the 1950s Ku Klux Klan. Many were in disbelief and laughed at the ‘spooky’ resemblance of the flags. Some already came up with creative names for the supposed ‘Ultras’ group from Fulham.

Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz’s solo goal was enough for Liverpool to edge past Fulham in the EFL Cup semi-final. (Via X/@LFC)

Names like Kraven Kottage Klan (KKK) were among the most liked comments. People were legitimately questioning who allowed this to happen as they saw the funny side of it all. Many admitted that they needed a second look at the picture to make sure that it was indeed not a ‘Klan’ meeting. Some brought Chelsea into the mix, claiming those were Chelsea supporters scouring their opponents in the final.

Liverpool will take on Chelsea in the final on 25th February. Mauricio Pochettino’s side overcame a 1-0 deficit in the first leg to demolish their opponents 6-1 in the second meeting. It will be the first trophy for either side this season as well. While Fulham put up a good fight against Liverpool, Middlesbrough were thoroughly beaten at Stamford Bridge.

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