WATCH: Gerard Pique’s ex Shakira sings her new ‘Salsa song’ on TikTok on fans’ special request

Shakira has been embroiled in controversies with her ex Gerard Piqué and his new girlfriend.

WATCH: Gerard Pique’s ex Shakira sings her new ‘Salsa song’ on TikTok on fans’ special request

Shakira (Credit: Getty)

Recently, Shakira became the brand ambassador for Sabritas. It is a company that sells snacks that mostly constitutes of chips similar to Lay’s and Pringles. It is the most famous brand in their market in Mexico. Thus, they can attract huge names in Latin countries.

Before Shakira, Neymar did a Sabritas ad a few years back when he was still playing for Barcelona. Enrique Iglesias, who is regarded as one of the greatest Latin artists of all time, also did an ad campaign for them.


Shakira was seen singing in the ad along with a sandwich in a surreal scene. She was singing salsa music. Salsa is one of the genres where Shakira thrives, as many of her classics belong to it. Her old songs like ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ and ‘Whenever Whenever’, both have influences of salsa in them. The ad became viral in hours, with many praising her acting skills in it. She then took to her TikTok to sing a cover of the song, much to her fans’ delight.

It was just a matter of time until Shakira also appeared in one of their ads. The singer has had a brilliant year for her career after her split with Gerard Pique. She has released many hit songs including ‘Copa Vacia’, ‘Monotonia’, ‘TQG’, and the studio session with the BZRP. All of them have become hits and have resolidified her place at the top of the industry. The singer is also still embroiled in controversy with her ex and his current girlfriend.

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Shakira and her controversy with Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti

Clara Chia Marti, Gerard Pique and Shakira
Clara Chia Marti, Gerard Pique and Shakira (Credit: Getty)

Gerard Pique was caught cheating on the Colombian singer with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti while they were still in a relationship. It was a dark moment for her as her father was also in the ICU at that time.

She had to relocate with her children from Barcelona to Miami after the incident. Ever since the separation, every song she made has had some indirect dig on them due to this. This controversy has been given huge attention by the media with new updates emerging every week.

This issue has been going on for two years now. Neither of the parties involved are showing any signs of backing down. This has taken a toll on Shakira and Pique’s children, Milan and Sasha, who have been subject to scrutiny by the public. They have gone through a drastic change in their life. Pique and Shakira both have tried to keep the children out of the situation as much as possible.


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