“He might end up like Jack Grealish”- Former Watford goalkeeper warns Jude Bellingham ahead of a possible move to Manchester City

Former Watford goalkeeper warns Jude Bellingham to choose Manchester United over their rivals.

Jude Bellingham & Erling Haaland
Jude Bellingham & Erling Haaland

Former Watford goalkeeper, Ben Foster bashed and has his advice to the young Englishman and Borussia Dortmund player Jude Bellingham, who’s currently being approached by every big club in Europe. The player said, “I think he would thrive more at Manchester United.” The former player thinks the Red Devils would take perfect care of the player.

The former player has thoughts that the young talent must not think about landing in Manchester City and said, “He might end up a little like Jack Grealish”, indicating toward the overpriced transfer of Jack Grealish from Aston Villa for a whopping €100m, and since hasn’t been able to perform at the promised standards.

Jude Bellingham’s future is still unknown the kid’s own personal wish bends a little more towards the Spanish giants Real Madrid. But, is believed to be joining hands with anyone with a perfect offer and a legacy to follow. The big clubs have all that he wants and would be satisfied if he performs accordingly.

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Which Manchester side would be better for Jude Bellingham?

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Jude Bellingham

The best team would be a difficult one to decide when it comes to choose between the English giants Manchester City or Manchester United. The player would have different kinds of play but both teams play in the same league Football. Bellingham could possibly feel the differences in the following things:

Handling Young Talents: The Red Devils have been exceeding City, in terms of the young talents, the team had, Martial, Rashford, Lingard, and now Antony, and none of them underperformed, in terms of their play. Unlike City, whose young talents such as Grealish, and Foden only gained success. The history lies in the same ratio.

Success: Jude Bellingham can join the legacy or the present successful side, as the Red Devils couldn’t win a trophy since 2017 and not the league since 2012. Red Devils can surely nurture the player but can not afford to reward him, at least as of now, else who knows when could things take a turn.

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