Ian Wright slams FA for refusing to pay £100,000 win bonus to England women team if they win 2023 FIFA World Cup, calls the decision ‘quite embarrassing’

Ian Wright's passion for the women's game is commendable.

Ian Wright slams FA for refusing to pay £100,000 win bonus to England women team if they win 2023 FIFA World Cup, calls the decision ‘quite embarrassing’

Ian Wright. (Source: via BBC)

Former Arsenal Striker, Ian Wright has strongly disagreed with the FA. The Football Association have refused to pay £100,000 to England women’s team if they were to win the World Cup. Albeit, they lost but this showed the scenario of the women’s football. Labeling it an ’embarrassment’, Wright has publicly expressed his disdain.

An advocate for the women’s game, Ian Wright has always been public about his support for women’s football. In an interview with ‘BBC Breakfast‘, he stated, “The women’s game is here and it is here to stay.” Adding to that, “What we are seeing with these ladies, and the way they are inspiring everybody, is nothing is going to stop it.” It comes as no surprise that Ian Wright is upset about the FA’s decision and has been vocal about the topic.

England Women’s team faced Spain in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final. But they suffered a 1-0 defeat. They could not get a goal as La Roja defended their hearts out to retain their lead. People still look back at the Euros 22 as the turning point for the women’s game. A sold-out Wembley stadium saw the English lift the Euros in front of the home crowd. “I can’t even put into words the amount of work that’s gone into this and they’re getting what they deserve,” said Ian Wright after Lionesses brought the Euros home.

Ian Wright’s passion for the women’s game is no secret. The Men’s team players have also made public, their support for the team. Harry Kane publicly tweeted after their success in the Euros. Mason Mount has been supporting the English team during their run in the World Cup.

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Ian Wright’s support for the game

England vs. Germany
England vs. Germany (Source: via Alamy Stock)

Ian Wright hopes to make the game more accessible for the young girls of the country. With the women’s team inspiring a younger generation of kids, Wright hopes that their success motivates girls to take up the game. He made his intentions clear stating that he hoped that the FA and Barclays lead the charge.

He hopes for the game to be accessible to both young boys and girls equally. A vocal minority on social media disagrees with Wright, residing to sexist remarks in order to devalue the women’s game. Any attempt to praise the women’s game is often met with tasteless remarks online.

Some social media users take the topic of equal pay as a personal insult. Few resort to the U15 teams beating national women’s teams as a way to say their ‘level is low’. While such slander of women exists online, it will be difficult to have a proper conversation on the woman’s game. This is the very issue that prevents their game from being taken seriously. An issue Ian Wright hopes will disappear.

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