Iran journalists question US players about them ‘representing a Racist Country’ ahead of 2022 FIFA World Cup clash

Iran journalists question US players about them ‘representing a Racist Country’ ahead of 2022 FIFA World Cup clash

Tyler Adams during the FIFA World Cup press conference

The FIFA World Cup press conference ahead of the match between the USA and Iran was politically hijacked by a journalist as he starts taking shots at the American footballers and coaches. Tensions have already started growing between the two countries following their FIFA World Cup match in Group B.

The Leeds midfielder, Tyler Adams faced the corny questions asked by the Iranian reporter. Iranian players and fans have been actively protesting about Iran’s regimes and the situation back in their country. To show support for the cause, the Americans posted a picture of the Iranian flag without its emblem on. This was taken as an offense by many Iranians, including the reporter.

The Iranian journalists were quite blatantly asking about America’s history of discrimination. The reporter asked if the players are okay representing a country that has discrimination against their own people. After such pointy questions, the Director of Communications of the USMNT was forced to conclude the press conference.

The Iranian journalist also took offense at the way Americans said: “Iran”, and complained that they could not even pronounce it right. The USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter and Tyler Adams both made a public apology for any sentiments that they hurt while the US side posted the picture of an Iran flag but was still grilled by the heavy questions of the journalist anyways.

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2022 FIFA World Cup- USA vs Iran: Match Preview

The USMNT players after their match against Wales

This FIFA World Cup fixture will be equally important for both nations as they will be looking forward to clinching all the 3 points and making the top 2 in Group B. Iran lost their opening game to England but was able to suck the life out of Wales. If they manage to beat the USA, they will surely go on to the knockout stages.

After missing out on the last world cup., the USMNT had higher expectations for the FIFA World Cup. They will not digest taking a draw in the next game considering that they have already drawn their last two games. What team do you think would make it out of Group B?

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