IshowSpeed and Kim Kardashian turn to see Cristiano Ronaldo in Al Nassr’s friendly clash against PSG

Speed met Kim Kardashian and her boys.

IshowSpeed and Kim Kardashian turn to see Cristiano Ronaldo in Al Nassr’s friendly clash against PSG

IShowSpeed and Kim Kardashian. (Images via Twitter)

Kim Kardashian took out her young boys, Saint and Psalm, to watch another footballing great in action. The family was seen in Japan’s stands for Al Nassr vs PSG friendly. They were met by YouTuber IShowSpeed, who was out to watch Cristiano Ronaldo play. Coincidentally, Speed and Kardashian were present for Lionel Messi’s debut at Inter Miami.


Speed approached Kardashian and her boys after spotting them in the crowd. Speed is a well-known Ronaldo fan and was quizzing the Kardashian boys for wearing PSG kits. “Why have you got that PSG on? Are you, not a Ronaldo fan? Put that jersey on, bro! You’ve got to put the Ronaldo on.” Speed said to the kids.

Speed also chatted briefly with Kardashian. He wanted her to take on who is the better footballer between Ronaldo and Messi. Kim took the diplomatic approach and replied, “Both.” Speed then proceeded to click photos with the boys before heading away.

Al Nassr performed well and held PSG to a 0-0 draw. Ronaldo starred for Al Nassr as he attempted a bicycle kick, which was successful but did not achieve a goal. For PSG, Neymar Jr came off the bench and was at center stage. Al Nassr will next face Inter Milan.


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IShowSpeed meets Neymar in Japan

Speed and Neymar
IShowSpeed and Neymar (Instagram/IShowSpeed)

IShowSpeed is a popular YouTuber amongst football fans. Speed, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr., was spotted in the crowd for Al Nassr vs PSG friendly in Japan.

After the match, Speed was seen meeting Neymar Jr at a restaurant. The YouTuber also recorded his meeting with Neymar. Speed was seen wearing a PSG jersey too. He was caught trying Portuguese in an attempt to converse with Neymar.

Neymar laughed politely at Speed’s attempt. Speed and Neymar then were seen grooving to Parado no Bailão song for a small TikTok video. The Youtuber was overjoyed to meet the Brazilian. IShowSpeed has now met his idol Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, and the audience looks forward to him trying to meet Lionel Messi soon.


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