WATCH: IShowSpeed in tears as he finally meets his idol Cristiano Ronaldo after multiple attempts

The Ohio-based youtuber finally met his idol after a two-year-long wait.

WATCH: IShowSpeed in tears as he finally meets his idol Cristiano Ronaldo after multiple attempts

IShowSpeed with Cristiano Ronaldo (Credit: InsideSport.In)

It all started with a super chat in his stream by a user named Bradley. It said, “What soccer/football team do you support?“. IShowSpeed enthusiastically replied ” Crister Ronaldo, Sewey! ” Since then his career has reached different heights as his antics have become famous worldwide. Darren Watkins Jr., popularly known by his alias, IShowSpeed, has traveled to many places to meet his idol. After multiple failed attempts, he finally met his idol.


He has since made songs about Cristiano Ronaldo and has attended various matches to get a glimpse of his idol. He has been on video calls with his teammates like Anthony Elanga, Jesse Lingard, and Rafael Leao asking them if Ronaldo knows about his existence. He also did his celebration after scoring a goal in a charity match last year. Yesterday, after a long wait he finally met his idol, Ronaldo.

After Portugal’s match against Bosnia and Herzegovina which they won 3-0, IShowSpeed was standing in the parking lot hoping to get a glimpse of his idol. Ronaldo got out of his car to meet him. The Ohio-based Youtuber couldn’t contain his excitement meeting his idol as he started jumping in delight.

In a very wholesome moment, Ronaldo went up to him and embraced him. He said, “My son told me you would be here.” Speed requested his bodyguards to take a picture as his emotions were getting the better of him. Before he left, Speed declared that he loves him and showed his tattoo dedicated to the Portuguese icon.


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Rafael Leao helped in IShowSpeed by meeting his idol

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IShowSpeed with Rafael Leao. (credit: Bleacher Report)

Rafael Leao, who has interacted and met IShowSpeed before knew about his fascination with the Real Madrid legend. He had talked about wanting to meet Ronaldo numerous times. Therefore, the AC Milan winger helped the streamer meet his idol.

When Ronaldo’s car was leaving the stadium, Leao stopped it. He informed the Portugal captain that Speed was waiting for him. This prompted Ronaldo to get out of his car to embrace him. Leao was heavily praised for this. One Twitter user remarked, “Rafael Leao is the true goat. He stopped the car of Ronaldo and arranged the meet-up with Speed.

Cristiano Ronaldo was praised for his humbleness in the situation as Speed’s antics could have made him awkward. But he was gracious about it and made it a memorable moment for the Youtuber.


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