Kylian Mbappe reportedly gives up €100,000,000 in loyalty bonuses from PSG for not extending his contract

Kylian Mbappe allegedly refuses huge loyalty bonus so that he can secure his future away from France

Kylian Mbappe reportedly gives up €100,000,000 in loyalty bonuses from PSG for not extending his contract

Kylian Mbappe at PSG conference (Source: Aurelien Morissard)

Kylian Mbappe’s strained ties with PSG persist as he rejects their final contract extension attempt. With a contract expiring next summer, the French star had previously declined a 12-month extension and other offers from PSG. His steadfast stance indicates a strong desire to join Real Madrid as a free agent in 2024.

Despite PSG’s efforts to sell him this summer, Mbappe has rejected numerous offers and transfers. The strained relations have resulted in PSG removing his posters from their stadium and ceasing to sell jerseys with his name. PSG’s last contract offer included a buyout clause and a guaranteed sale in 2024, allowing Mbappe to choose his future destination.

However, the Frenchman rejected this offer, solidifying his intentions to leave next summer. While not training with the first team, Mbappe is part of a unit comprising out-of-favor players, indicating PSG’s decision to marginalize him. Despite his uncertain future, Mbappe has clarified that he will not leave PSG this summer. According to @lequipe, Mbappe rejected a contract loyalty bonus worth €100,000,000 on deadline day.

Kylian Mbappe’s potential free-agent status adds uncertainty to his future, with Real Madrid as the likely destination. The upcoming 2023/24 season becomes pivotal as fans, players, and coaches eagerly await his next move. Staying at PSG for one more season could pave the way for a blockbuster transfer to Real Madrid in 2024.

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Neymar and Lionel Messi’s ‘hellish’ times at PSG

(L-R) Lionel Messi, Neymar
(L-R) Lionel Messi, Neymar (Source: via Twitter/ @brfootball)

Neymar and Leo Messi’s PSG stint was marked by unfulfilled potential and disappointment, failing to secure Champions League success. Fan protests and criticisms compounded on-field struggles, leaving both stars disheartened.

Despite the initial excitement of their partnership at PSG, things took a downturn as the season progressed. Messi’s suspension by the club and tensions with sections of PSG’s fanbase exacerbated the strained atmosphere. The Argentine admitted to a “fractured” relationship with some PSG fans, expressing his regret over the situation. Neymar faced his share of criticism but has since moved on to Saudi Pro League side Al Hilal.

Messi and Neymar’s PSG stint taught them that football’s brightest stars can encounter adversity, but fresh starts can reignite their love for the game. Messi now graces Major League Soccer with Inter Miami, while Neymar ventures into Saudi Arabia. Despite French setbacks, fans worldwide await their following footballing chapters.

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