LEAKED: Neymar’s father’s emails to former Barcelona director showing his efforts to make his son stay at the Catalan club

Neymar Sr's leaked emails to director Raul Sanllehi show he tried to convince his son to stay at the club, however, things changed.

Neymar Sr with Neymar Jr
Neymar Sr with Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr‘s father Neymar Sr has been hitting the news recently for the leaked emails that show the conversations between him and Barcelona football director Raul Sanllehi, which eventually turned out to interpret as the Father of the PSG star tried to convince his son as many as five times to stay at the club.

However, the Father was found making statements for Barcelona and said, “I don’t trust you, you have lied to me.” Creating a perspective that leads toward the ugly side of the Catalan club.

He further said, “Rosell abandoned me, then Barto not reaching a plea deal, and now the leak of the loyalty bonus.” Claiming that there was no regular support and especially the leak of €64m signing bonus leak to the press.

Things took a bad turn and they both decided to move to Paris after the leak which was disgraceful. He even mentioned, “If I don’t receive it today, I can legally release the contract, and you won’t get €222m.” Claiming that the loyalty bonus must be presented without delay.

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Neymar Jr’s blindsiding move to PSG

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Neymar Jr at PSG

The famous move of Neymar Jr from the Spanish giants Barcelona to the Paris champions PSG in a whopping €222m deal. There’s no doubt in the performing ability and talent of the Brazilian the very first season at the club the prodigy proved he’s with every penny.

The decision however became a sensational controversy, several football pundits had their opinions on the move considering it an anti-legacy or a cash grab opportunity taken by Neymar. The decision to leave the club that is history vise one of the two biggest clubs in the world, was a little too shady. The loyalty to one club and its legacy went in vain.

The signing amount revolutionized the business aspect of the game as well, as the crazy spending nature became a phenomenon. The ridiculous amounts tend to destroy the spirit of the beautiful game as it leads players to places where they obviously deserve to be but definitely don’t belong, and so the Neymar move proved.

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