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Leaked Whatsapp messages reveal Real Madrid and Sergio Ramos pressured VAR and referees to make decisions in their favour in La Liga

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Suspicions have always existed around Real Madrid when it came to VAR and referring to the La Liga. There have even been protests by fans and other clubs claiming that Real Madrid uses their status and influences the decision on the pitch.

Until now this has never come to light and all the allegations were never proven. However, an article by ARA showed recent WhatsApp messages of former Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos to referee Rubiales that have surfaced that show that the former Real Madrid captain was trying to influence on the round decision.

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Whatsapp messages between former Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos and Rubiales were uncovered

Leaked Whatsapp messages reveal Real Madrid and Sergio Ramos pressured VAR and referees to make decisions in their favour in La Liga 2

in 2019, during the match between Barcelona and Leganes, the Catalan club cruised through victory in a 3-1 win over the club at home. The second goal of the game scored by Luis Suarez came under scrutiny with many saying the player fouled the goalkeeper. However, even after VAR’s interference, the goal stood and helped Barcelona win.

Speaking about the game, the then Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos sent WhatsApp messages to the referee of the match, Rubiales stating his discontent. He said, “Rubi, we are already starting to get seriously worried about the VAR issue, especially with Barça.”

“It’s a complete disgrace and utterly blatant what the referees are doing.” “Did you see Suarez’s foul on the goalkeeper today in their second goal? It’s a joke!”

Responding to that, the referee replied the next day, “Good afternoon, Sergio. You are the captain of the national team, you have played hundreds or thousands of matches and understand better than anyone else that sometimes there are different opinions about an event.”

As you well know, I do not go into these issues. We work every day so that the refereeing profession has more resources and its efficiency improves. Between all of us we have to try to improve our football. Best regards. See you soon.”

Sergio Romas then sent a congratulatory message to Rubiales, he said that it won’t make a difference as Barcelona is already going to win the La Liga that season. Interestingly, that was the last season that Barcelona won the league. Since then, the La Liga has been lifted twice by Real Madrid and once by Atletico Madrid.

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