“WATCH: “Better than Cameldo” – Lionel Messi’s ‘weight’ workout in the gym sends fans into frenzy

A video of Lionel Messi doing weighted chin-ups at the gym has gone viral.

“WATCH: “Better than Cameldo” – Lionel Messi’s ‘weight’ workout in the gym sends fans into frenzy

Lionel Messi (Via X/@CrewsMat10)

Lionel Messi is making headlines during his time off as well. The 8-time Ballon d’Or winner will no longer take to the pitch in 2023 but has social media buzzing after a video of the player doing weighted pull-ups went viral. Lionel Messi is seen putting in the work as he enjoys his time off from professional football. He is seen with a trainer counting his ‘chin-ups’ as he ‘grunts’ and ‘shudders’ between each rep.


The Argentine is currently on ‘vacation’, after his season with Inter Miami ended back in early November. Failure to qualify for the MLS play-offs and a concerning injury forced Messi to miss out on 5 crucial matches at the later end of the season. His last appearance came against Brazil in a 1-0 win at the Maracanã on 22nd November. As club football is in full swing in Europe, the MLS does not resume until February 2024.

Even though it is no surprise that the Argentine has been putting in work, fans are taken aback by the video. The 5’7″ Argentine has never been equated with physicality and peak performance.

Rather, it has always been his flair, passing, and dribbling that have defined him. Hence, the reason for such a reaction. Taking ‘chin-ups’ or ‘pull-ups’ with a weight attached to one’s waist is certainly no easy task, and the internet is convinced.


‘9th Ballon d’Or loading’ – Fans react to Lionel Messi putting in the work

A video of Lionel Messi hitting the gym has taken supporters by surprise. Many have also shared their reactions to the same. While some are impressed with the Argentine for his hardworking nature, others tease the player. A fan was amused at the 36-year-old’s ability to do such demanding physical activities even though he has never been the strongest on the pitch.

Lionel Messi in fitness training
Despite his humble stature, Lionel Messi has always boasted a strong and muscular physique (Via X/@CrewsMat10)

Others were quick to make fun of the player for not even hitting ten reps, as the video ends at rep number 9. A fan was confident that Lionel Messi would be an absolute ‘beast’ next season and is doing this to stay fit for his ‘final’ Copa America. Another commented that MLS is not ready for Messi, and was convinced that he will top his performance from last season.

Some also took a dig at Cristiano Ronaldo, who regularly posts gym workouts and pictures. A fan said that people thought Messi doesn’t work out since he doesn’t post any ‘gym pictures’. Messages like scary hours next season, it’s going to be a good year and prime Messi loading were present throughout the comment section. Messi returns to action for Miami in January in a friendly against El Salvador.

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