WATCH: Live broadcasting of Euro 2024 draw got SABOTAGED by infamous s*x noise

The s*xual moaning sound was played for three teams during the live Euro 2024 draw.

WATCH: Live broadcasting of Euro 2024 draw got SABOTAGED by infamous s*x noise

Julian Nagelsmann, David Silva and the many present had no idea how to react when the noise started (Images via X)

The draw for any competition is a serious one, especially when it is of national teams’ importance. However, in Hamburg on 2nd December, David Silva, Julian Nagelsmann, and many in the audience for the Euro 2024 draw couldn’t hold back their expressions when the live broadcast was interrupted by one of the internet’s most famous pranks- the ‘moaning sound’/s*x noise. 

Upon the call of ‘Switzerland’, the infamous ‘moaning sound’ started playing loudly in the background. This led to some smirks by everyone on stage while the audience looked in disbelief. Giorgio Marchetti, the Deputy General Secretary who was conducting the draw, acknowledged the noise and seemed relieved it stopped.


Much to his dismay, the noise started once again as Italy’s name was announced. It stopped after 10 seconds, only for it to start once again when Serbia National Team were drawn. Some of the big names seated in the audience, couldn’t do anything but look at each other in awkwardness and silence. While the noises kept running, Marchetti tried his best to conduct the EURO 2024 Draw. 

Despite the short distraction, the result of the Euro 2024 draw was quite interesting. There is a possibility of two ‘groups of death’.

Subsequently, Spain are drawn with Croatia, Italy, and Albania. While, France, Austria, and the Netherlands have been drawn together- one spot left for the winner of the Play-Off Path A. 

Group Team 1Team 2Team 3Team 4
Group AGermanyScotlandHungarySwitzerland 
Group BSpainCroatia ItalyAlbania
Group CSloveniaDenmarkSerbiaEngland
Group DPlay-off Winner Path ANetherlandsAustriaFrance
Group EBelgiumSlovakiaRomaniaPlay-off Winner Path B
Group FTurkeyPlay-off Winner Path CPortugalCzechia 

Throwback to when a prankster disrupted FA Cup coverage with the same noise 

In January 2023 Gary Linekar was covering the 2022/23 FA Cup fixture between Wolves and Liverpool for the BBC. As he was talking about the build-up to the match, a moaning sound started playing loudly, with Linekar unable to control his laughter. Later a famous prankster Daniel Jarvis, also known as Jarvo69, took credit for the prank. 

Gary Linekar moaning sound
Throwback to when Gary Lineker was pranked on BBC show with the s_x noise (Images via X and BBC)

The BBC later published an apology for the noise, saying they were investigating how it happened. Meanwhile, Gary Linekar, the host of the show, defended the prank, calling it a funny prank. He also added that the BCC did not need to apologize for the noises. Daniel Jarvis later uploaded a video on how he conducted the prank.

Jarvis has also gained fame as a lively pitch invader in Cricket. While on India’s tour of England, he entered the pitch several times, resulting in a ban from all English stadiums. A suspended sentence followed for a clash with an English player. He continued his antics when he invaded the MA Chidambaram Stadium during the 2023 Cricket World Cup match between India and Australia.


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