Ligue 1 match CALLED OFF after Lyon team bus pelted with stones, coach Fabio Grosso among several INJURED

Lyon vs Marseille was suspended by Ligue 1.

Ligue 1 match CALLED OFF after Lyon team bus pelted with stones, coach Fabio Grosso among several INJURED

Lyon manager Fabio Grosso's injury (via X/@LeParisiens)

Olympique Lyonnais versus Olympique de Marseille is always set to spark rivalry and controversy among fans. Marseille were set to host Lyon at the Stade Vélodrome on Sunday night. However, things took a turn for the worse. The supporters of either club are known for their fierce rivalry and strong displays of support. This fixture is no stranger to the hostile crowd.


However, Marseille fans let their emotions get the better of them. In a regrettable incident, the Lyon team bus came under attack from angry opposition fans. Stones were pelted at the team bus, which then led to several players and staff getting injured. In a video that has then gone viral, we see the Lyon team bus with multiple window panes shattered.

The incident occurred as the team bus was making its way to the stadium. Moreover, Lyon coach Fabio Grosso was seriously injured from falling shards of glass.

The former Italian International was seen holding his head as blood gushed out from his left eyebrow. The manager received emergency medical treatment following his injury.


Ligue 1 suspend Choc des Olympiques

Following the unexpected attack on the Lyon team bus, the clash between Marseille and Lyon got delayed. Subsequently, Ligue 1 announced a crisis unit in Marseille after news came out of the incidents surrounding the Lyon team bus. There has been no comment from the LFP or Lyon. However, Lyon owner John Textor discussed with the club as to whether the game should be played.

Lyon vs Marseille
Lyon vs Marseille (via X/@Ligue1Football)

Eventually, Ligue 1 decided to suspend the match and postpone it to a later date. The club players, however, took the time to greet the fans who were already in the stadium. Grosso’s assistant also sustained facial injuries during the pelting. It was earlier decided that if projectiles thrown caused injury, the specific game would be suspended.

Lyon are currently last in Ligue 1 with just 3 points in 9 games. Rivals Marseille, however, are higher up the pitch, with 12 points in 9 games. They are 9th in the table. Following the incident, Marseille and Lyon fans clashed in the stadium. News of the incident provoked either set of fans which resulted in a conflict in the stands. Videos of the incident have gone viral on social media.

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