Jack Grealish chops off his traditional locks to show off FRESH new HAIRCUT

Jack Grealish recently got a new haircut and netizens are NOT impressed.

Jack Grealish chops off his traditional locks to show off FRESH new HAIRCUT

Jack Grealsih (Via X/@DailyMail)

Jack Grealish is known for his ball-holding, dribbling, and passing accuracy. The Manchester City #10 is also known for his classic hairstyle, sporting long, flowing blonde hair, adjusted with a hairband. His hair adds to his character as well, since the player has featured for the greater part of his Manchester City career in the same style. However, Grealish has said goodbye to his long hair as he revealed his latest trim via social media.

The 28-year-old has fans in disbelief, as he showed off his new look. His latest haircut features a much shorter hairdo, with lesser hair on the top, while also doing a fade on either side. As the internet takes in this new information, several fans have given their verdict. Many believe that the player made a mistake getting rid of his long hair and went so far as to call it an “abomination”.

However, many would expect the haircut to force a break in Grealish’s poor start to the season. The player was replaced by Jeremy Doku after picking up an injury early in the season.

However, Pep Guardiola has preferred the Belgian over Grealish in recent times. Despite his poor form, Gareth Southgate has called up the Manchester City winger for the upcoming UEFA Euro Qualifiers.

Jeremy Doku, Jack Grealish, or BOTH – the internet discusses Manchester City’s latest dilemma

Jack Grealish had been a regular starter under Pep Guardiola following his £100 million transfer from Aston Villa. The player regularly featured for the Cityzens up until late September, when the player suffered an injury against Nottingham Forest. Subsequently, new signing Jeremy Doku has replaced the player and it is safe to say that he has “settled in” to his new role at City.

Jeremy Doku and Jack Grealish
Jeremy Doku and Jack Grealish (Via X/@JeremyDoku & JackGrealish)

Speaking on the same, pundits Mike Minay, Steven McInerney and Natalie Pike of BBC Sport pondered on the dilemma. Mike Minay opined that Jack Grealish showed what he’s made of when Pep brought him on for Doku. He showed how Grealish gave Reece James a tough time, compared to the Belgian, who ‘struggled’ against the right-back. McInerney said:

He revels in a hostile crowd and comes alive when abuse is raining down on him.

McInerney added that in games like ‘these’, where the crowd is hostile and fans are against you, Grealish does well. Picking up on the same, co-host Natalie Pike said that this exemplifies how the two players are completely different in their play styles.

She added that this makes it difficult to draw comparisons between the two and that City can benefit from both of them simultaneously. Pike further said:

There is a place for both of them in the squad. 

Doku joined City this summer from Stade Rennais on a £55.5 million deal. The player has racked up 3 goals and 6 assists in 13 matches compared to just 2 assists for Grealish this season.

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