Make or Break? Manchester United announces verdict on Mason Greenwood’s future after internal enquiry

United and Greenwood saga gets a closure as the player will look for pastures anew.

Make or Break? Manchester United announces verdict on Mason Greenwood’s future after internal enquiry

Mason Greenwood. (Source: via Paul Currie/PA)

Mason Greenwood will no longer be a Manchester United player. In breaking news, the club has officially announced that a mutual agreement has been reached, between the player and the club as the youngster will no longer be a Red Devil.

The Red Devils have come under great scrutiny after talks were circulating about his return. Many were shocked at the club’s decision to even consider his possible return. Since the abhorrent nature of his crime was deemed enough by many who no longer wanted him at the club. Celebrities such as Rachel Riley have publicly spoken claiming that they could no longer support the club if Greenwood stays.

Meanwhile, Manchester United’s treatment of this situation has been under fire for a while now. One such incident was the categorizing of pundits, politicians, and journalists as ‘hostile’ or ‘supportive’. Many couldn’t believe the club’s audacity to say ‘hostile’ for not supporting Greenwood’s return. Zarah Sultana, MP of Coventry South, even spoke publicly about this news. She declared herself as ‘hostile’, claiming to always stand beside the victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Prior to the club’s first game of the new season, female fans wrote letters to Manchester Board stating that the player’s return would mean that the club dooes not regard women. Consequently, criticizing the club’s slogan ‘All Red All Equal’. As they said the slogan meant nothing if he was allowed to stay.

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Mason Greenwood: A wasted talent

Mason Greenwood.
Mason Greenwood. (Source: via The Sporting News)

United fans will remember when Mason Greenwood burst onto the scene. His incredible ability was one to behold. From his thunderous left foot to his fierce pace on the break. Greenwood was receiving praise after praise with each performance. Jurgen Klopp, Rio Ferdinand, Ian Wright, and Robin Van Persie are a few who lauded the youngster.

However, things fell apart when the evidence came in. The young boy who joined the club at the age of six had committed atrocities. Fans could not believe what they saw and what they heard. Finally, now, the saga has drawn to a close. But Manchester United, as an institution, will have to work harder to ensure that such situations will be dealt with in a better and swift manner.

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