Mauro Icardi’s ex Wanda Nara introduces fans to her ‘updated version’ on Instagram

The Argentinian model shared pictures with her daughter.

Mauro Icardi’s ex Wanda Nara introduces fans to her ‘updated version’ on Instagram

Wanda Nara called her daughter 'her updated version'. (Credit:

Mauro Icardi‘s ex-wife, Wanda Nara has recently shared a picture of her daughter Francesca dubbing her as an ‘updated version’ of herself. The Argentine model is famous for her makeup tutorials and her fashion choices, along with her on-off relationship with the Galatasaray forward. Francesca is the eldest child she shares with the former Inter Milan player.

My updated version,” the Argentinian wrote in the caption of the post. Both of Mauro Icardis daughters are huge fashion enthusiasts like their mother. Through social media platforms, girls not only share makeup tutorials but also showcase their fashion choices, often featuring well-known designer brands.

Her relationship with Mauro Icardi has been filled with complications and controversies over the years. Wanda Nara was previously married to Maxi López, who happened to be Icardi’s former teammate and idol. Reports suggest that Icardi and Nara started their relationship while Nara was still married to López. As a result, this caused a rift between the two former friends and teammates, leading to a strained relationship between them.

It also caused problems in the former PSG striker’s inclusion in Argentina national team as the players were not comfortable with playing with him. Argentina legend Diego Maradona proclaimed that Icardi was dead to him after betraying his former team-mate. 

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Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi’s separation

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Wanda Nara and Maurio Icardi (Credit: MARCA)

Speculations about the couple’s separation began when Wanda Nara posted a message on social media stating, “I’ve separated.” Following this, Mauro Icardi missed PSG’s Champions League match against RB Leipzig, citing a “personal problem” as the reason for his absence. This further fueled rumors regarding their potential breakup.

The reason for the conflict came from Wanda Nara accusing Mauro Icardi of having an affair with another woman, China Suarez, with whom Icardi had an illicit affair. Icardi tried his best to save the relationship. Once again, Wanda Nara took to social media to share a photo, this time featuring her hand without her wedding ring. The accompanying caption read, “I prefer my hand without a ring on it.”

A few days ago, Candela Lecce, an Argentinian model revealed her chats with Mauro Icardi. In those, he expressed his dissatisfaction with his marriage. He said he ‘barely knows’ his wife anymore. However, the Galatasaray striker seems and the Argentinian model seems to have worked on their issues as the couple are back together. In the last week, they have participated in multiple Instagram live streams together and uploaded photos together. The couple are living in Turkey together.

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