WATCH: Mexican Goalkeeper scores a ridiculous goal from inside his own Box in the 93rd minute of the game

It was the 4th goal of the game for Atletico Morelia, who won the game 4-1 against Celaya.

WATCH: Mexican Goalkeeper scores a ridiculous goal from inside his own Box in the 93rd minute of the game

Screen Grab of keeper scoring the goal (Via Pro Soccer Wire)

In a video that has recently gone viral, Atletico Morelia Goalkeeper Antonio Torres does the unbelievable in the Mexican Second Division game against rivals Celaya. It was a 4-1 victory for Morelia, however, the 4th goal came from the most unlikely of sources. After trailing 3-1 in the dying minutes of the game, Celaya keeper Daniel Cervantes came up for the corner.

After jumping over his marker, the Celaya #1 headed straight into the arms of Torres. The Morelia keeper, however, chose to clear the ball instead of seeing out the final minutes. In a powerful drop kick, Torres caught the opposition off-guard as his clearance flew over the Celaya defenders and tumbled into the net. This unbelievable goal in Mexico’s second-division league game has gone viral.


Atletico Morelia is currently 5th in Liga de Expansión MX, the second division of Mexican Domestic football. Celaya on the other hand, is 11th in the league. Fans have reacted to the goal, with many questioning the keeper to come out of goal, pointing out the 2-goal deficit as well as 4 minutes left on the clock. Fans also criticized Celaya defenders for not preventing the early goal-kick which led to the goal.

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Dog steals the show in Mexico League Game

In a clash between Alebrijes Oaxaca and Dorados, a humorous moment ensued after a cute ‘pitch-invader’ caused a playful disruption in the Mexican league. Oaxaca was comfortably sitting on a 4-goal cushion when a dog entered the pitch. After the Dorados keeper gathered a high ball from an Alebrijes cross, the ‘pitch-invader’ came up close to the keeper and the security officials ran onto the pitch as well.

Screengrab of Dog running away with the Ball in Mexico league game.
Screengrab of Dog running away with the Ball (Via

As the keeper dropped the ball on the ground, the canine jumped up to ‘control’ the ball. After knocking the ball around an unsuspecting Dorados player, the dog then paced around the penalty box with the ball at its feet. The crowd and commentators took an interest in the same after the dog picked up the ball in its mouth and ran rings around the security staff.

The dog surprisingly evaded multiple attempts to capture the ball as the crowd erupted in cheers. Many fans took to social media and wrote, “Elite ball-carrying skills from the dog in Mexico.” Over 5 security officials were involved in a humorous ‘cat and mouse ‘ chase as the players on the pitch watched on helplessly.

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