“Bro compared Havertz to his wife”- Mikel Arteta’s BIZARRE comparison after Kai Havertz’s disappointing performance has fans confused

Arsenal score two goals in extra time to seal the win against United.

“Bro compared Havertz to his wife”- Mikel Arteta’s BIZARRE comparison after Kai Havertz’s disappointing performance has fans confused

(L R) Kai Havertz, Mikel Arteta and his wife (via ESPN and the US Sun)

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has offered a unique perspective on Kai Havertz‘s challenging start at the club. He compared it to his experience of wooing his wife. This has drawn a humorous reaction from the fans for Arteta’s uncanny analogy. Havertz, the German midfielder signed from Chelsea over the summer, has faced criticism for his performances despite earning praise from Arteta.

In a post-match interview following Arsenal‘s 3-1 victory over Manchester United, Arteta shared his advice for Havertz, emphasizing the importance of patience and persistence. He likened the midfielder’s situation to the early stages of his own relationship with his wife, explaining that conquering her heart took time and effort.


Mikel Arteta‘s quirky analogy aims to reassure Havertz that adaptation and integration into a new team can be gradual. While Havertz has yet to impact the pitch significantly, Arteta believes that with time and determination, the talented midfielder can find his rhythm and become a valuable asset to the Gunners. Fans on social media found it highly amusing as they expressed their remarks.

Despite Havertz’s struggles, Arsenal secured a dramatic win over Manchester United, closing the gap on early Premier League leaders Manchester City to just two points. Arteta expressed his delight with the result, highlighting the competitiveness of the league and the importance of small margins in top-level sports.

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Twitter Reacts to Arsenal Boss Comparing Kai Havertz’s time at Arsenal to his affair with his wife

Mikel Arteta in Pre-match interview
Mikel Arteta in Pre-match interview (Image: Twitter Sky Sports)

After such a press remark, it’s evident that people will enjoy the humor around the situation. Following a victory, Arteta seemed fueled with jubilance as he cheekily compared his new signing from London Rivals Chelsea to wooing his wife when they first started dating. Some fans said that Arteta would have to answer some tough questions when he returns home jokingly. While some were comparing Arteta’s missus to being better at football than Havertz. Here are some of the reactions:

As Arsenal played a stunning game against United, scoring two goals in extra time, every Gooner left the stadium in high spirits. However, some fans who left early, assuming a draw, would be pinching themselves for not believing in the game’s beauty to provide us with unbelievable moments constantly.

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