Newcastle United employs ‘Mr Fixit’ to help the players concentrate on their game

Newcastle United employs ‘Mr Fixit’ to help the players concentrate on their game

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Jamie Morren, a.k.a. “Mr Fixit,” has a new and admirable job to accomplish at the esteemed English Premier League team, Newcastle United. As a liaison officer, Jamie Morren has been hired by the group. His responsibility is to assist the team members in focusing solely on the game, and he will take care of paying bills and establishing direct debits.


Jamie Morren on taking up the position said, “The whole point of my job is to take away any kind of distraction for the players so that football is the only focus. It could be things like setting up direct debits, paying bills, finding houses, cars, transport. Imagine you’re 22, you’re moving to a country you’ve never been to before and someone says, ‘By the way, have you paid your TV licence?’

He also added, “If I moved to Brazil at 24 years old, for example, I wouldn’t know how to set up a direct debit or pay council tax or whatever. I think some people look at it and think, ‘you’ll just do everything for them’, but it’s a case of making sure they’re adjusted so they don’t have worries of ‘I don’t understand what this means’ or ‘what on earth is a TV Licence’ and making sure they’re completely comfortable and settled in that sense.”

The idea will also improve the team dynamic and allow players to give the game their all. This has been done to aid newcomers Bruno Guimaraes, the Brazilian, and Sven Botman, the Dutchman, and it would undoubtedly be what they required at such a time. Fans are eager for further information.


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Newcastle United this season

New Castle United this season

Newcastle United will be in the Premier League for the sixth straight season in the 2022–23 campaign, marking the club’s 130th season of existence. They are also competing in the FA Cup and EFL Cup in addition to the league. In the English Premier League standings, they are currently in position four.

They have played in 13 games in the English Premier League, winning six of them, giving them a total of 10 points. They have only participated in one game in the English Football League, which they won. They are eagerly anticipating the start of the third round of the FA Cup.

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