‘Our dad’s a Man Utd legend; now we are making our way as personal trainers’ – Paul Scholes’ kids open £500,000 Gym in Oldham

Paul Scholes has a third child by the name of Aiden Scholes.

‘Our dad’s a Man Utd legend; now we are making our way as personal trainers’ – Paul Scholes’ kids open £500,000 Gym in Oldham

(L-R) Arron Scholes, Paul Scholes, Alicia Scholes (Source: via Instagram/@scholesgym)

Manchester United legend and treble winner, Paul Scholes‘ children Arron Scholes and Alicia Scholes co-own a gym in Oldham by the name of ‘Scholes Gym’. Costing over half a million pounds to construct, the brother-sister duo have wished to pave their path through this endeavor.


Both Arron and Alicia are certified trainers at the gym with Arron being a level 3 qualified personal trainer (PT) who specializes in group workouts and performance training. His sister, Alicia plays for the Netball Superleague team, London Pulse due to which her clientele is smaller in size. Similar to her brother, Alicia is also a level 3 qualified PT who focuses on strength and conditioning training along with sports performance.

The pair have received huge support from their father, Paul Scholes who spoke on their venture.

Both of them are really into fitness. The idea came around lockdown really when we had a lot of time on our hands.

Arron and Alicia got the idea for the gym when they saw a ‘To-Let’ sign outside the building. When designing the gym, they aimed for a warm and welcoming atmosphere, like a second home. Paul Scholes, a United legend, noted he’s not involved in the business side, leaving it to his 22-year-old son Arron. Scholes added,

It's a big responsibility for a young person, but he's bright. I'm proud of both of them.

Since its inception, it has already been seen on several YouTube videos with former teammate, Gary Neville coming over to shoot an episode for ‘The Overlap’. Another former teammate Rio Ferdinand also had his channel come over and shoot a video with Paul Scholes at the gym.

Learn more about the Scholes Gym

Located in Oldham, Scholes Gym is a state-of-the-art gym that boasts a variety of exercise equipment ranging from free weights to bikes for cardio sessions. Aside from training sessions the gym also hosts events on certain days where people can join after paying the required fee.

Scholes Gym
Scholes Gym (Source: via @scholesgym)

Membership is charged according to the plan chosen by the client. Three options are available. ‘Gym+Classes’, ‘Classes only’, and ‘Gym only’. Prices vary according to the plan chosen by the client and are charged monthly. The gym also has a cafe where people can sit for refreshments.

Alongside, Arron and Alicia are two other trainers with more information available about them on the website.


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