“Mane 16, Benzema 15” – Fans STUNNED by allegations of Sadio Mane and 18-year-old wife’s 2-year relationship before marriage

Sadio Mane's married Aisha Tamba in private wedding.

“Mane 16, Benzema 15” – Fans STUNNED by allegations of Sadio Mane and 18-year-old wife’s 2-year relationship before marriage

Al-Nassr star Sadio Mane got married to Aisha Tamba in Dakar, Senegal. (Image via The Sun)

Pictures of Senegal captain Sadio Mane marrying 18-year-old Aisha Tamba, in a private ceremony in Dakar sparked various reactions from fans. The celebrated marriage drew attention and some criticism due to the noticeable age difference between the couple.

The 31-year-old Al-Nassr star made his wedding official on the 9th of January and it came as a surprise to many football fans, considering his love life has been famously kept a close secret. Reportedly, Mane initially noticed Aisha Tamba when she was 16 but refrained from approaching her formally. So, he asked his uncle – who knew Aisha’s family – to talk about courting the marriage.

The former Liverpool striker, currently in Africa for the upcoming 2024 Africa Cup of Nations, will captain Senegal, the defending champions. During his stay in his home country, he introduced the world to his wife following the couple’s Islamic marriage ceremony held on Sunday, January 7.

However, the alleged 13-year age difference between them was surprising to fans. Tamba, born in Casamance near her husband’s village of Bambali, is in her final year of schooling and is known to be a scholar of the Quran. Furthermore, it is being reported that Mane has been funding her entire studies.

Close friends, family, former players, and members of Senegal’s national team attended the wedding. Before his wedding, Mane was spotted at the inauguration of a stadium in his hometown, ahead of reuniting with the Teranga Lions for AFCON training.

Netizens and fans react to Al-Nassr forward Sadio Mane and his wife Aisha Tamba’s age difference

Internet users and fans responded to Sadio Mane’s wedding images, where he married an 18-year-old Senegalese student, Aisha Tambi, after an alleged two-year courtship. Fans ridiculed the 31-year-old Senegalese star for marrying a ‘child,’ highlighting her age in their comments.

Sadio Mane and wife Aisha Tambi
Sadio Mane’s marriage to 18-year-old Aisha Tambi garnered a reaction from fans. (Image via X and Pulse Sports Nigeria)

A Senegalese photographer posted pictures of the bride in her white gown and Mane in traditional Arabian attire, stirring fan reactions online. Shockingly, a few fans accused the player of involvement in child abuse due to the 13-year age gap and the bride’s minor status. Another fan humorously suggested that those congratulating Mane were somehow linked to the infamous US convict Jeffrey Epstein.

Here are some of the fans’ reactions:

Meanwhile, some fans drew comparisons to the incident involving French forward Karim Benzema and his teammate Franck Ribery. The two French players were accused of involvement with an Algerian model, Zahia Dehar, who was 15 years old at the time, in 2009.

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