Santas FC: All you need to know; the amateur Women’s club with more followers than several PL clubs

All you need to know about 'influencer' and 'model' studded squad Santas FC.

Santas FC: All you need to know; the amateur Women’s club with more followers than several PL clubs

Santas FC (via Instagram/santasfutbolclub)

An amateur women’s football club in Colombia boasts more followers than several top-flight clubs in Europe and here’s why. Santas FC, an amateur football club that defines itself as ‘influencers that play football’, have managed to rack up over 1.2 million followers on their social media handle on Instagram. However, their presence is not just limited to Colombia, as fans from all over the world have been ardently following the club.

The club was founded by Monica Vallejo and Elizabeth Lopez, who are both influencers and models on Instagram. The latter also runs a spa for women while Vallejo boasts over 8.8 million followers on her personal Tik Tok account and 1 million followers on Instagram. The ‘club’ often participates in local leagues and exhibition matches in Medellin, Colombia.


In addition to football and exhibition matches, the club often posts alluring pictures and videos of their players on Instagram. Moreover, enticing dance routines and ‘training’ videos are a common sight on their social media handles.

The club owes its huge social media following to its titillating social media presence and the costumes/jerseys worn by the players. The massive fan base exceeds that of Premier League teams like Bournemouth, Brentford, Nottingham Forest, Luton Town, Sheffield United, Burnley, and Fulham.

Santas FC – taking ‘the beautiful game’ to a whole new level

Santas FC and their dedicated fan base of over a million followers have called for a lot of discussion on social media. Their iconic tight pink jersey has caught the eyes of many as well. On matchdays, the contingent of 11 players/influencers is joined by a set of sexy cheerleaders who display raunchy routines to entice fans on the pitch as well as their followers online.

Santas FC players
Santas FC players (Via X/@TheSunFootball)

Fans are spellbound by the visuals and are now on social media, in search of streaming platforms to view their games. Others have jokingly asked about how to join fan groups and attend games. Another fan acknowledged their marketing strategy and said that these people know what marketing is. Some even went so far as to say that they were ‘ending’ allegiances with women’s teams such as Manchester United women to join the Santas FC fan group.

Many refer to Monica Vallejo, the club’s CEO as the “twerking CEO” as her TikTok account has amassed over 8 million followers thanks to her “twerking” clips. Other influencers playing for Santas FC include Maria Paula Villao, Lauu Gonzales, and Juliana Caro among others.

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