‘He was my idol and hero’ – When popstar Shawn Mendes made a big reveal about Cristiano Ronaldo

Shawn Mendes even showcased support for Portugal and Ronaldo during 2016 Euro.

‘He was my idol and hero’ – When popstar Shawn Mendes made a big reveal about Cristiano Ronaldo

(L-R) Cristiano Ronaldo, Shawn Mendes (Source: via GOAL and YouTube/@QwithTomPower)

Throwback to when Canadian singer and songwriter, Shawn Mendes claimed he idolized Cristiano Ronaldo during his younger days when he would play football. The singer revealed he played football for over seven years and saw the now Al-Nassr forward as his hero.


Shawn Mendes, known for hits like ‘Señorita,’ with over 73.5 million Instagram followers and multiple music awards, expressed his admiration for football and Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview with Tom Power from ‘Q with Tom Power’ on YouTube. The interview is 5 years old but is resurfacing right now on social media.

When Power mentioned Mendes’ song ‘In My Blood’ as the anthem for Portugal in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Mendes called it “one of the coolest things ever.” He went on to share his love for football, declaring Cristiano Ronaldo as his idol and hero. Mendes also highlighted the excitement of performing in Portugal, where the fans’ energy takes over the sound system.

I played football for seven years. When I was a kid my idol and hero was Cristiano Ronaldo.

Before Portugal’s fixture against Spain on the opening day of the World Cup the singer had tweeted, “Vamos, família! Força Portugal” on ‘X’ showing his support for the National team. Even earlier to the 2018 World Cup, Shawn Mendes tweeted on ‘X’ about the 2016 UEFA Euro when Cristiano Ronaldo was subbed off in the opening minutes of the game after suffering a knee injury. He wrote:

Honestly shook up. Can't believe Ronaldo is out. C'mon Portugal. 

Fortunately for him and Ronaldo, Portugal won on the night winning them their first-ever EURO Trophy.

While from Canada, Shawn Mendes like many other football fans is not different in his support for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Why does Shawn Mendes support Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo?

While many idolize Cristiano Ronaldo, many still support their main nations or pick the favorites of the tournaments as the team to support. In Shawn Mendes’ case, however, the Canadian singer has roots connected to Portugal due to which he is ‘technically’ supporting his home country.

Shawn Mendes, Manuel Mendes
(L-R) Shawn Mendes, Manuel Mendes (Source: via Business Insider)

Shawn Mendes’ father, Manuel Mendes is Portuguese and was born in Lagos, Portugal but chose to raise his family in Canada. This would mean that while Shawn might have a Canadian passport, he is still half-Portuguese from his father’s side. With Portuguese fans being ardent supporters of their country and Cristiano Ronaldo, it comes as no surprise that the singer is no different in his case.


As a result of this, Shawn Mendes released a Portuguese version of his song ‘In My Blood’ which was later on used by the National Team as their anthem.

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