“They’re simply outstanding”- Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder reacts to Manchester City flexing their 5 trophies at the Etihad Stadium

Manchester City cruise to another victory picking form before new year.

“They’re simply outstanding”- Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder reacts to Manchester City flexing their 5 trophies at the Etihad Stadium

(L) Chris Wilder (R) Manchester City trophies. (Source: Screesnhot from BeIn Sports and MCFC)

Manchester City ended the year with a bang, winning the final fixture of the best year in the club’s history. The treble winners flexed their ‘Quintuple’ with five trophies showcased in front of the home crowd as they entered the game.

The Sheffield boss was full of praise for his opponents, in the post-match press conference. Manchester City registered a comfortable 2-0 victory over Sheffield United, making a complete year of unbeaten at the Etihad.

It felt like we had played football for about five hours there. When you see five trophies, it hits home what type of team you are facing...
Chris Wilder said in the press conference

Furthermore, City have now moved to the third spot in the Premier League behind Aston Villa and Liverpool. Goals came from City’s ‘Mr. Dependable’ Rodrigo Hernandez who currently has the longest unbeaten run in the league for an individual player. Julian Alvarez scored the second goal with an assist from Phil Foden who again displayed great resilience from the midfield.

They [Manchester City] are simply outstanding.

Chris Wilder added in his post-match game assessment of the game against Manchester City. Meanwhile, he also appreciated his team’s efforts to come up to one of the toughest stadiums in the league and still fight. Further, even Pep Guardiola provided his insights as to how he did not discuss tactics during half-time. Instead, asked his players to change the tempo to win the game.

Pep Guardiola’s message of safety to Footballers after Jack Grealish burglary

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola issued a stark warning to footballers to enhance their personal security measures following the burglary at Jack Grealish‘s home during Wednesday’s match against Everton. Despite having security in place, Grealish’s residence was targeted, resulting in the theft of items valued at £1 million, including watches and jewelry, while his family was present.

Pep Guardiola and Jack Grealish
Pep Guardiola and Jack Grealish (Source: TeamTalk)

Guardiola emphasized the need for discretion on social media, urging players to limit information about their whereabouts, acknowledging the unfortunate recurrence of such incidents, notably citing the harrowing experience faced by teammate João Cancelo in a previous robbery. Grealish, who took a day off from training to be with his family, returned on Friday to prepare for the upcoming match against Sheffield United.

Pep Guardiola voiced worry about footballers’ families, referring to the recent attack on Cancelo’s family. City, grappling with injuries, anticipates De Bruyne’s return from a hamstring injury sustained on opening day. Guardiola stressed caution in integrating De Bruyne due to the extensive nature of his past injury and surgery.

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