“There’s nothing decided for Real Madrid”- Endrick’s father clears up all transfer rumors linked to Los Blancos

“There’s nothing decided for Real Madrid”- Endrick’s father clears up all transfer rumors linked to Los Blancos

Endrick Felipe's father turns down all transfer rumors to Real Madrid

According to reports, Endrick Felipe, a highly recognized Brazilian star footballer, was closely connected to and associated with the illustrious Spanish club Real Madrid, and the two parties have been in intense transfer negotiations for a few weeks. However, a startling revelation has just surfaced.


Douglas Felipe, the father of Endrick Felipe, has publicly stated that no choice has been made and that every team interested in signing Endrick has a chance to sign the young star. This demonstrates unequivocally that nothing was decided upon by the team management and that all updates were hearsay.

Endrick Felipe’s father Douglas said regarding the same, “There’s nothing decided for Real Madrid or any other club. We’ve no preference yet. We’ll decide in the next months, the club that will pay what Palmeiras want and show us the best technical project for Endrick, will sign the boy”

Endrick’s father has issued a strong statement on the subject, stating that their choice would be based on what is best for the long term chances and for him to grow as a player. There are high hopes because Endrick is undoubtedly one of Brazil’s and the world’s most promising players.


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Reports about Endrick to Real Madrid


According to rumours, Real Madrid sent representatives and officials to seal the agreement with Endrick’s family. Real Madrid had initially hoped to sign him in 2023, but when Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain took the initiative in moving the transaction forward, Real Madrid had to move their deal along more quickly.

Numerous major teams have big hopes for the 16-year-old talent. In 12 games, he has already scored nine goals. According to sources, Palmeiras received offers for the player from other teams, but they fell short of what the team had anticipated, and Real Madrid was willing to match those offers.

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