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“They’re not connected to the Liverpool emotion bit”- Gary Neville believes Aston Villa players won’t put in extra efforts to beat Manchester City because of Steven Gerrard

Liverpool might end up winning all the trophies if Steven Gerrard can manage to defeat Manchester City by motivating his side Aston Villa. Check out what Neville had to say on the fact that Gerrard could motivate the dressing room with Liverpool love.

According to the latest reports, Gary Neville claimed Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard can’t make an impact on Aston Villa’s last match against Manchester City. Liverpool will look forward to the match as a loss for the Pep’s team and a win for the Merseyside will see Klopp’s men lift the league title.

Gary Neville laughed out at the possibility of the fact that Gerrard’s Liverpool connection could stop Manchester City to drop points against Gerrard’s Aston Villa on Sunday in the last league match. He claimed that the Villa players have no connection with the Merseyside club but would surely try to win in their last league game to finish the season on a positive note.

“I don’t buy into this Steven Gerrard thing at all, the fact that he’s going to go there and he’s going to get them fired up,” Neville said during a chat with Jamie Carragher on Instagram. “Trust me, the Villa players won’t give two hoots who they’re playing on Sunday. They’re not connected to the Liverpool emotion bit.

“Steven Gerrard can’t go in and say, ‘I’m ex-Liverpool, make sure you win this one for Liverpool.’ The players will just laugh at him! So this idea, this Gerrard thing, that he’ll go there and win for [Liverpool] is just absolute nonsense. That is not going to happen”, Neville added.

Liverpool is left with two league games to play this season and is behind Manchester City in the cup race but a point drop for the Blues would be valuable even if they win both the matches.

Klopp and Anfield will have an eye over the match between Pep’s side and Aston Villa as they would want City to drop points but that’s a hard demand to ask for even if Gerrard is an ex-Liverpool man won’t help the Villa players much to be motivated to win points from the game.

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Everything to know about Liverpool and their chances of winning the Quadruple


Klopp’s team, Liverpool, recently won the FA Cup final against Chelsea 6-5 on penalties after Salah was dropped off due to an injury which makes it doubtful to get him in the UCL final in a few days’ time. The same battle was won by the Reds in the Carabao Cup earlier this season that too went to tie-breaker with Klopp’s team winning 11-10.

They are due to win the champions league which is happening on May 28 against Real Madrid in Paris but their dream of winning the quadruple might fade away if Manchester City wins their last game on Sunday against Aston Villa or even a draw will see the Blues lift the cup.

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