“This season has been sh*t,” Richarlison slams Antonio Conte after Tottenham gets knocked out of the Champions League

Richrlison slams Tottenham manager , says he wants to play more.

“This season has been sh*t,” Richarlison slams Antonio Conte after Tottenham gets knocked out of the Champions League

Antonio Conte and Richarlison (Image Via-Fifa.com)

The Brazilian centre forward Richarlison recently hit out at the Tottenham Hotspur head coach, Antonio Conte. This happened in a post-match interview right after Tottenham’s UEFA Champions League exit.


The match at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was fairly frustrating, as neither of the teams saw the face of the goal until the final whistle. In the end, AC Milan advanced to the later stages of the competition thanks to Brahimi Diaz’s goal in the first leg.

However, things from Tottenham’s perspective have gone from worse to worst, when their new signing Richarlison said, “I am honest, this season has been shit. I want to play,” aiming the Tottenham Manager Conte. He then went on to say that he didn’t understand Conte’s choices. Richarlison said, “I was in a positive moment and then Conte put me on the bench again. Yesterday he tested me in the starting 11 and then bench, again.

Having joined for almost 60 million pounds, in the summer of 2022, the Brazilian Centre forward Richarlison hasn’t always been the first name in the mind of the Tottenham Manager. The ex-Everton striker has just started 12 matches and has a total of 25 appearances under his belt. He has scored just 2 goals and seen 2 yellow already These might be the reasons why the ex-Inter Milan boss Antonio Conte has him as a 2nd choice striker, with England’s Harry Kane being the 1st choice.


With the Player slowly starting to question his manager over the choices made by the latter one, it’s hard to say whether this was an open-and-shut case, or will this tension keep on growing?

Antonio Conte hesitant to shred any light over his future at Tottenham

Antonio Conte in the post-match press conference.
Antonio Conte during a Post Match interview. (Image via- Reddit)

The Italian Coaching Maestro Antonio Conte has always emerged as one of the men on demand for the better part of this decade. He, in his charismatic stage, has associated his managerial services with top clubs of Europe like Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Inter Milan and has always provided results.

The latest name to add to the list is Tottenham Hotspur. Appointed midway through the 2021/22 season, he has already helped the club rise through and got the hotspurs to qualify for the Champions League 2022/23 season after the club was left out of the tournament for the past 3 seasons prior to the latest one.

Conte has managed the club for 38 games overall, out of which the team has won 19 matches which makes his win percentage an even 50%. Conte’s performance seems to be pretty average compared to the kind of performances we have seen from the 53-year-old.


Conte’s current contract with the club is coming to an end, with the contract set to expire on 30th June of this year. It seems Conte is hesitant to spill any beans about his contract situation with the English Club. After yesterday’s not-so-eventful match against AC Milan, after which his team was knocked out of the competition, he sat for a post-match interview with the press.

In that interview when he was asked about his future at the club, Conte said, “It’s not today the day to speak and discuss my future.” He continued, “I am under a contract with the club, then we will decide after the end of the season.” Conte also said the club knows his thoughts very well and at the end of the season, both parties will come to an agreement with what is suited by one another.

With, Tottenham out of the champions league, it’s to see if the club’s hierarchy decides in favour or against Antonio Conte. Only a few more months left before the end of the season and Conte has to find the winning ways again if he wants to be in the good books of the hierarchy and keep his job.

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