“Sad to see him go,” Usain Bolt DISHEARTENED to see Cristiano Ronaldo leave Manchester United

“Sad to see him go,” Usain Bolt DISHEARTENED to see Cristiano Ronaldo leave Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt

Another huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, has come out of his shell to speak about the recent actions taken by Manchester United. The club and the superstar mutually agreed for Ronaldo to part ways with Old Trafford after his interview with Piers Morgan. Just hours after United issued the official statement for Ronaldo’s release, the Glazers family announced their intention to sell Manchester United.


“I felt betrayed,” The Portuguese star said in the interview. “I don’t care, people should listen to the truth. Yes, I felt betrayed. I feel that some people didn’t want me here, not only this year but last season, too.”

Olympic megastar Usain Bolt is a huge Ronaldo fan, he was left disappointed when he saw the clubs’ treatment of last year’s Player of The Year. “I’m sad to see him go. He played such an important role for us last season. He kept us in the Premier League last season. Because in many games he was the one who scored and kept giving us points. So, it is sad to see him go but I understand by listening to his interview there is a lot going on that a lot of us don’t know,” added Usain Bolt.

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Usain Bolt reflects on Cristiano Ronaldo and the Manchester United saga

Cristiano Ronaldo  with Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan replies to fans slamming him for the Cristiano-United situation

Usain Bolt continued to address the dissatisfaction many have with the Glazers family, which is why he understood the explosive interview of one of the greatest footballers with Piers Morgan. Bolt added, “The fans have spoken about this for years. Since Alex Ferguson, the club has been up and down, as we’ve seen Cristiano came out and…”

“…spoke about a few things and it surprised me as a supporter to know that the club hasn’t really moved on technology-wise to try to improve and to help the players to move forward. So, to get new owners hopefully they’ll come in and develop the club in a way that is necessary.”

Usain Bolt has been public about his long-term desire to become a professional footballer, he took inspiration from Cristiano when he made his first appearance for Central Coast Mariners. Bolt told the reporters, “I’m a massive fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. Why? Because of his work rate”

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