“Don’t show us the dressing room please” — Fans dumbfounded by Kostas Tsimikas’ celebration with Virgil van Dijk, call it most ‘sus’ of all time

Kostas Tsimikas might have just won the award for the most 'sus' celebration of all time.

“Don’t show us the dressing room please” — Fans dumbfounded by Kostas Tsimikas’ celebration with Virgil van Dijk, call it most ‘sus’ of all time

Virgil van Dijk and Kostas Tsimikas' celebration was surprising, to say the least (Via X/@LFC & Football__Tweet)

The Carabao Cup came to an eventful close as Liverpool got the better of Chelsea yet again. A depleted Liverpool side, led by Virgil van Dijk mustered the courage to ahead and win it all, just as the crowd were expecting penalties. Captain Van Dijk came through with the captain’s goal, to guide the ball past Dorde Petrovic from a glancing header. Even though a last-minute goal in a final calls for all sorts of celebrations, Kostas Tsimikas went well beyond the limits of ‘normality’.

The left-back was one of the first to celebrate with his captain as the Dutch centre-back collapsed on the ground. Charged by emotion, the Greek stood over Van Dijk before picking him up by the legs and pulling him towards himself. Soon afterwards, other players joined in on the celebrations before Van Dijk was drowned in a sea of his teammates.

Tsimikas’ uncanny way of celebration surprised many as football Twitter took in replays of the celebration. The left-back was subbed on in the 87th minute, replacing Andrew Robertson.

While the Greek didn’t have much of an involvement in the game, he certainly took center-stage for his ‘surprising’ celebration, to say the least.

Fans laugh at Kostas Tsimikas, label him as a ‘trip’

Football Twitter took notice of Kostas Tsimikas doing the ‘unthinkable’, and it wasn’t long before the memes and comments came flooding in. A fan said that he was initially at a loss for words and had to wait for the replay to confirm what he’d seen. Another jokingly added that if the two were doing such ‘sensual’ celebrations on the pitch, it would be best if fans didn’t see the dressing room.

Kostas Tsimikas
Kostas Tsimikas also featured in the 2022 Carabao Cup final against the Blues (Via X/@LFCHub)

Even though Tsimikas was the first to celebrate with Van Dijk, he was also the first to celebrate with the Liverpool crowd. A fan noted that Tsimikas spent some time in jail, and guessed that it might be the reason for the ‘out of pocket’ celebration. No matter what the reason was, a fan said that this was the most ‘sus’ celebration so far. A wild comment read that ‘Virgin’ van Dijk was no longer a virgin.

Celebrations aside, Liverpool’s captain came up clutch when it mattered the most. Jurgen Klopp‘s team can well and truly see the quadruple forming over the horizon, as Klopp’s farewell is shaping up to be a memorable one. While many claimed that Virgil van Dijk was ‘finished’, Liverpool fans can confidently say that the only thing that’s finished is Chelsea’s hope of lifting a title.

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