“Puts his last drop of blood into everything,” Wrexham owner Ryan Reynolds hails Paul Mullin’s commitment to team despite injury against Manchester United

The Hollywood star issued a statement about the injury of his star player during their historical victory over Manchester United.

“Puts his last drop of blood into everything,” Wrexham owner Ryan Reynolds hails Paul Mullin’s commitment to team despite injury against Manchester United

Paul Mullin and Ryan Reynolds. (Credit: Google)

Ryan Reynolds released a statement on social media about Paul Mullin’s injury on Thursday. AFC Wrexham defeated Manchester United 3-1 in a pre-season friendly on Tuesday. The Red Devils fielded a team mostly composed of their Under 23 players. The League 2 side went ahead when Elliot Lee scored their first goal. They did not stop there as Aaron Hayden doubled the lead in the first half itself.


United’s right-back Marc Jurado scored to bring the lead down to 1 goal before the end of 1st half. Midfielder Daniel Gore was sent off in the second half after which United played with 10 men. Sam Dalby scored the third goal essentially sealing a historic victory for the Ryan Reynolds-owned team. However, most of it was marred by an incident that took place earlier in the game.

Wrexham talisman Paul Mullin clashed with the United goalkeeper Nathan Bishop in the 13th minute. This had severe consequences as it punctured his lung. The medics hurriedly gave him treatment as the game was stopped. He was quickly sent to the hospital. Things have been in control as Mullins has updated his fans thanking them for their support.

He assured them he was fine and was on the road to recovery. Club owner Ryan Reynolds also put out a statement on Twitter saying, “Paul Mullin puts his last drop of blood into everything he does. The entire Wrexham community is pulling for a speedy recovery,”. The duration of Mullin’s absence is unknown as of now.


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Nathan Bishop apologizes to AFC Wrexham’s Paul Mullin after injury

Nathan Bishop and Paul Mullin
Nathan Bishop and Paul Mullin. (Credit: Manchester Evening News)

Manchester United goalkeeper, Nathan Bishop, has publicly apologized to Paul Mullin following their unfortunate collision during a pre-season match. The incident was severe enough to cause Mullin to receive on-pitch treatment and later be taken to the hospital for checks, where it was discovered that he suffered a punctured lung.

Despite the severity of the collision that left Mullin with a punctured lung, Nathan Bishop received only a yellow card for his reckless challenge during the pre-season match. Wrexham boss Phil Parkinson expressed his dissatisfaction in a post-match interview, insisting that Bishop should have been sent off for the incident. The Manchester United goalkeeper, who is 23 years old, became the target of the home fans wrath at the stadium.

They considered him public enemy No.1, booing him with every touch after the collision. The situation escalated to the point where even the substitution of Bishop with Radek Vitek for the second half did not spare the young replacement from the fans’ jeers, as some mistook him for Bishop. After the game, the goalkeeper issued a statement saying that the challenge was a bad decision. He also wished Mullin a quick recovery.


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