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“He’s back !”: Twitter erupts as Sergio Ramos receives his first red card since joining PSG

Paris Saint Germain eked out a point against Lorient away from home, thanks to Mauro Icardi's late equaliser.

Paris Saint Germain is in shambles. Despite putting together one of the best squads in all of Europe, the Parisians have been unable to work like a team so far this season and there is clearly a lack of chemistry between their star players. Mauricio Pochettino and Co. barely managed to eke out a point from their away fixture tonight, thanks to a stoppage time equaliser by striker Mauro Icardi. But if anything, this match has only exposed the infinite weaknesses that his PSG team has. 

Despite having the majority of possession throughout the match, Paris Saint Germain barely managed to cross the lower block that Lorient had been maintaining. The fact that such a star-studded team could keep only 5 shots on target throughout the match speaks for itself and is living proof that nothing is working out for this side. 

Lorient were swift in their counter attacks and it was surprising to see how easily they were running past the PSG defence almost every time. Had it not been for the heroics of Keylor Navas, PSG would have conceded at least 4 goals tonight. 

At one point the Parisians were frustrated by their inability to break the deadlock and that was when Lorient got their much received breakthrough. Thomas Monconduit scored for Lorient at the 40th minute mark and things worsened for PSG. 

Sergio Ramos receives a Red card

Sergio Ramos’ reaction on receiving the red card

That was when Sergio Ramos came in for left back Nuno Mendes (after half time) and made headlines by receiving the marching orders in the 86th minute. It was, however, not a direct red and he received two yellow cards instead. 

The former Real Madrid captain received two red cards within a span of 5 minutes (81’ and 86’) and was sent off by the referee. His second yellow was an extremely unnecessary tackle. 

This is Sergio Ramos’ 27th career red card. The Spaniard is pretty well known for his toughness and hard tackles on the field and thus the fans just loved to see the ‘old Ramos’ back. Let us see how twitter reacted to Sergio Ramos’ red card. 

Twitter Reactions

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