Riley Gaines hits out at Megan Rapinoe and Billie Jean King over support to transwomen, says they want women to ‘lose opportunities’

Riley Gaines lambasts Megan Rapinoe and Billie Jean King for their stance in support of the transgenders

Riley Gaines hits out at Megan Rapinoe and Billie Jean King over support to transwomen, says they want women to ‘lose opportunities’

Former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines has reportedly hit out at Megan Rapinoe and Billie Jean King. This was after the two women supported the participation of trans women in women’s sports. Gaines competed against transgender woman Lia Thomas. Lia came out victorious from the NCAA swimming tournament in 2022.

Gaines, in a recent interview, said, “The feminists who you would think would say something like Megan Rapinoe and Billie Jean King. They were trailblazers for Title IX. And for the women to have the opportunity to play at that level, I can tell you what they’re saying.


Gaines went on to say, “They’re both actively now fighting for women to lose those opportunities. And exactly as you just mentioned, it doesn’t make sense. The double standard, the hypocrisy of it all. Megan Rapinoe spent years whining about not having equal pay, and fighting to get that, and now actively doing the opposite and hoping women lose out on chances and don’t get to dream in the same way that she did. All 40 of these female athletes signed on this petition fighting for male inclusion into women’s sports.But none of them would’ve had the opportunity to achieve what they achieved. To be in the same place that they are without the women’s sporting category, without Title IX “.

Gaines then concluded by saying, “These women don’t understand what’s at stake. Why aren’t we looking at how this affects women? Why are we totally neglecting our feelings, and our safety, and our privacy and our dignity, and our fairness?”

On Monday, several female athletes, including Rapinoe, have sent a letter to House of Representatives lawmakers. The letter reportedly read, “We believe that gender equity in sport is critical, which is why we urge policymakers to turn their attention and effort to the causes women athletes have been fighting for decades, including equal pay, an end to abuse and mistreatment, uneven implementation of Title IX, and a lack of access and equity for girls of color and girls with disabilities, to name only a few”.


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Riley Gaines believes transgender activists choose violence due to lack of material for argument: Reports

Riley Gains talks about her experience of facing the Transe-gender Activists
Riley Gains talks about her experience of facing the Transe-gender Activists (Image Via- Google)

Former NCAA champion swimmer-turned-women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines said she believes transgender activists resort to violence because they have no other argument. Gaines reportedly reflected on the violent attack against her during a speaking event at San Francisco State University last week.

In a latest interview, Gaines opened up about her opinion on recent experience. She said, “I welcome people with differing views than me. I answered their questions, but after the speech, I was met with an ambush. People from outside the room, they stormed in. They turned the lights off and rushed me. They physically assaulted myself and others in the room. A police officer helped evacuate me from the situation, to which we went in the hallway where we were only met with more protesters.”


Gaines said that she was reportedly barricaded in a room for three hours while protesters remained outside. She said, “They demanded money from me if I wanted to make it home safely, to which the dean of students negotiated with them. And I’m sitting there listening, you know, how are we negotiating my safe passage home? I missed my flight. They were yelling terrible, violent, obscene, awful, vengeful things at both myself and the officers who were protecting me. It was an experience. I was, of course, prepared for protesters, but there’s no way you can prepare for something like this — an ambush, a violent ambush”. Despite the pushback, Gaines said she knew her position advocating for sports participation according to a competitor’s biological sex “wins the debate”.

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